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posts disappeared??

Migrated topic.
I was looking for an old thread I'd created a while back in which someone advised on separating red & white spice, but it's disappeared. It was a thread I'd posted yields of various heptane toluene pulls which then went into a discussion on red & white, but looking through the forum and through the list of all my posts on the profile it's vanished.
I see that my profile states "Total posts: 23
[0.27% of total / 0.13 posts per day]
Find all posts by Attention All Shipping" but as you can see from the left I've posted more than 23 times. Anyone know where my old thread/posts have gone to andhow I can refer to them as I wanted to check the advice somene'd given me.
Something very weird is happening. I noticed the threads on the forums were't showing anything later than Jan 08, I closed down the other forum windows and went to forum index - now that's fixed but my profile is showing" Saturday, January 19, 2008
Last Visit: Tuesday, April 01, 2008 9:23:50 PM
Number of Posts: 40
[0.39% of all post / 0.54 posts per day]"
but isn't letting me see all my old posts. Also I joined a while before Jan 19 2008 - previously whe it showed 23 posts it said joined Oct 2007 which I think may've been right.

What's going on?
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