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Potential identification of secondary alkaloid from Mimosa hostilis from low PH STB NaOH/Naptha Tek

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Species: Mimosa hostilis
Plant Material: 'Inner Rootbark'

150g Rootbark
75g NaOH
1L Distilled Water
200mL Naptha

Constituents Isolated:
(NN-DMT) N,N-Dimethltryptamine
(2-Me-THbetaC) 2-Methyltetrahydro-.beta-carboline
(Naptha) 2-Acetyle-6-methoxynapthalene

The mass spec shows a few guesses for the secondary compound, and upon basic research the .beta-carboline was chosen instead of the .gamma-carboline.
Mass spec occured within 1 week of extraction, evaporated under room temperature airflow, samples were refrigerated during storage.




Some other things to consider:

The information presented above is based entirely on empirical, scientific observations.

Another possibility is that the beta-carboline is a degradation product of a higher mass alkaloid such as Yuremamine.

It should be noted that this is currently considered a 'novel' compound and in three years has yet to be reproduced.

Vepsäläinen, J. J.; Auriola, S.; Tukiainen, M.; Ropponen, N. & Callaway, J. (2005). "Isolation and characterization of Yuremamine, a new phytoindole". Planta Medica 71(11): 1049-1053.


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