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Potentiating DMT with B. Caapi

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I ordered some Caapi vine which arrived yesterday. I measured 47 grams of it, shredded/powdered it in the blender (make sure your blender is very strong! or even better, order it pre-powdered), extracted it using The Herbal Percolator (THP), and boiled down the 10 liters of resulting water to less than 1 liter. The result was a cloudy brown liquid which smelled and tasted strongly of apple cider vinegar (the acidifying agent I used).

THP is very simple, more effective than the standard 3x3 cooking method, and produces a less nauseating brew. According to the author of THP, 10 g of Caapi is enough for an effect, so I drank 1/4 of the liquid (rather bad-tasting - maybe next time i'll use regular vinegar instead of apple cider vinegar). After about 1/2 hour I started noticing strange mental effects. I waited another 1/2 hour for the feeling to grow, then I got out the Vaporgenie and vaped a small amount of DMT (15-20 mg).

This trip was incredible. The caapi definitely prolonged the effects by at least 2 or 3 times. The strongest effect of this trip was a feeling like pure pleasure was being beamed down on me from above. For at least 5 minutes all I wanted to do was lie there and bask in this intense pleasure which was flowing through my whole body. I had experienced this effect on DMT before, but not for this duration.

The tail end of the trip was MUCH longer than normal, and felt just like being on shrooms or LSD. For at least 30 minutes there were strong psychedelic effects (mostly in the form of bright colors, an enhancement of creative thinking ability and a great glowing feeling).

I tried a few more small-dose trips throughout the night (I've been holding off of higher dose trips for now). I began wishing I could ingest the DMT in another way other than vaping it, in order to smooth out the changes in intensity and increase the duration further. Next time I will try taking some freebase DMT orally with caapi (I don't have the means to convert it to the fumarate salt).

Conclusion: Caapi and the THP extraction method work wonderfully to potentiate the DMT experience.
nice to hear about your good experience. It is not something SWIM did yet.

about the freebase orally, SWIM already ingested it, in 200, 150 and 50mg doses so far... The upper ones were quite 'incapacitating', so be careful with the set and setting. They were incredibly profound experiences for SWIM. Even the 50mg was surprisingly strong, but he could be a bit more interactive with the world, enjoy the view, smoke a j, etc. With the higher doses the only thing he did for a couple of hours was to lay down with the eyes closed and experience it all. Loads of auditory experiences together with the visions also.

its more recommended to dissolve the freebase in some hot lemon tea or something of the kind, as this would neutralize any possible caustic soda remains, and also in any case even the clean freebase is quite spiky on the tongue and throat, and a bit harsh on the stomach.
Thanks, I'll try the lemon tea thing next time. What amount of rue or caapi did SWIY take with the oral freebase?
SWIM took the oral spice already with 300mg light brown extracted harmalas, 2g rue seeds boiled into a tea (in one of the higher dosages.. It was very strong but didnt last long, only a couple of hours, maybe not enough MAOI. 3 to 4 seems better quantity) and 40g caapi tea.

If SWIY has time and wants to experiment, the extraction of harmalas are recommended. It maybe doesnt end up pure white unless SWIY repeats the process a few times for purification (and possibly getting a considerably smaller yield), but even just once or twice is enough for some nice light brown/yellow product, without any of the possibly toxic alkaloids.

SWIM had no nausea with the extracted harmalas. He did have nausea with the rue tea (but then again, he had also swallowed the freebase dmt without redissolving in some lemon juice or something, so that might have something to do).

He vomited with caapi, as many times he took normal ayahuasca he also does, but he 'interprets' it positively and doesnt see it as a 'side-effect'. He feels he literally and symbolically is throwing all sorts of bad things out of his body/mind/soul when he does it with caapi. But maybe some people dont like it.
Not the prettiest method, but i heard of people powdering it, melting it in warm butter and ingesting it as a rectal suppository through a syringe.

A very long lasting Ayahuasca type trip is achieved. Not sure if you wanna go that route lol but its another way. No vomiting or diarrhea, no MAOI needed.
sentient said:
Not the prettiest method, but i heard of people powdering it, melting it in warm butter and ingesting it as a rectal suppository through a syringe.

A very long lasting Ayahuasca type trip is achieved. Not sure if you wanna go that route lol but its another way. No vomiting or diarrhea, no MAOI needed.
That's plain bollocks.

The girl on youtube who did it had to put 3 x 200mg rectally with the syringe. Not very efficient in my opinion, since it uses really a lot of spice. She would be equally tripping balls if she had ingested some MAOIs and then take 600mg dmt orally. Not to mention that for most people even 200mg would be an overdose.

Where have you heard about other people doing that way?
600mg is a shit load, and she said that was too much. I have never done it or know anyone personally who has, I am simply telling what I heard. Might be ideal maybe not. 100mg should be good. If someone works up the balls to try it It would be interested to hear about.
Last night SWIM tried the oral dmt with caapi. SWIM drank about 1.5x the amount of caapi tea as the first experience. It was definitely harder on his digestive system this time. The side effects of the caapi were limited to tiredness, slight nausea and dizziness. Next time SWIM will try the THP with cooler water in an attempt to reduce the extraction of indigestible compounds.

At T+ 2 hrs SWIM took 80 mg freebase DMT dissolved in lemon tea. T+ 2.5 hrs things started to get difficult. SWIM got very cold, with nausea, feverish thoughts and significant digestive distress. Not sure if this was caused by the caapi or the (possibly impure) DMT. SWIM was bed ridden for about 1/2 hour, but there was no vomiting.

As he was laying in bed, all of a sudden the suffering switched off and things took a turn for the better. The rest of the night was amazing. The strongest part of the DMT experience lasted around 2 hours. Since this was a moderate dose SWIM was able to walk around, listen to music, write in his journal, etc. It was like a moderate-strong shroom trip (I haven't done shrooms in a while so I can't compare the intensity). Boundless mental energy, things that would normally give me a little chuckle turned into pure hilarity, rapid-fire thoughts, increased creativity, vivid colors, enhanced visual perception, strong postive emotions.. generally a good time :)

SWIM is a bit reluctant to try higher doses using this method. If the nausea is from the Caapi, maybe SWIM should adjust the extraction method or take enough of it to cause a purging so he can be rid of those feelings prior to taking the DMT. If it's the freebase DMT that's causing the nausea (which seems likely given the timing), SWIM may research the conversion to fumarate salt.
A quick question. My caapi THP extraction gave a liquid that was originally a transparent brown color when it was warm but then it formed quite a bit of dusty precipitate as it cooled to room temperature which turned the mixture a cloudy opaque gray/brown. After being in the fridge for a couple days the precipitates have mostly sunk to the bottom leaving a layer of clear liquid on top.

My question is, do the desirable alkaloids have a high solubility in water? If so, there should be little loss of potency if I get rid of the precipitates by pouring off the clear layer.

My goal would be to reduce the nausea and digestive distress.
You may be able to reduce the nausea. But I believe that no matter how pure you make the maoi, as long as you take enough there is a large chance you will get nauseated. Especially if you take as much to get dizzy. You may not find it a positive experience. But on the aya board it is regarded as a very good thing. It is seen as a cleansing experience. There is several kinds of nausea. One is a conditioning to the taste and smell, one is from the material itself in the stomach, and the good kind is from cleansing of disharmonious thought patterns. It is often like how you experienced it. At first it may be nice, then the nausea came, as you went through the nasty stuff and cleared it out, you came out into the light.

If you want to lessen the nausea, you may try a lower dose of caapi. Colder water may pull less undesirable stuff out of the brew. The brownish/yellowish cloudy stuff is particles that is pulled with warmer water. It may settle, especially if put in the freezer, then thawed. You may decant it, some actives may go, but I do not think it is that much.

I drink the particles, but I no longer get nauseated from the particles. Still get nauseated from the experience though. Caapi certainly can bring it up, and dmt can certainly intensify what is already there from the caapi.

If the nausea comes on slowly, then it may be stomach related. If it comes all of a sudden, then it may be psychologically related.

That is at least my experience so far.

Good luck!
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