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Proposed project to better understand Hyperspace

I think most of you would agree that much of what happens during a trip to hyperspace there simply are not words in common usage for. The things you see, feel, or hear are often so otherworldly that when you return you are left with a strong impression of what just happened, but not the words to describe it with.

I think it's logical to question whether the lack of descriptive words for hyperspace couldn't have something to do with why it's so hard to remember the experience once you are back to this reality. Having an internal dialog about any experience seems to make it easier to remember than an experience for which you are at a loss for words for, don't you think?

So, in light of this problem I propose we begin a Nexus-wide project of creating a descriptive terminology for hyperspace modeled on other specialized descriptive "languages" like the one used in the medical profession or in botany.

I'm a bit surprised a project of this sort is not already underway. The experience of not having the words to describe something is the very thing that would cause a word to be created to describe it! I know I don't have to tell any of you that their obviously was once a time when there were no words to describe anything.

What follows is an outline of how I think this might work. Hopefully if I've done a crappy job explaining myself so far what follows will help make my crazy ideas clear:

-Hyperspace Terminology Project- ((if you guys like that title))

1. First of all we will need to plan this out and agree on a plan. This thread would work for that use.

2. Begin a "work thread". Here we would take aspects of hyperspace (starting with the most common and easy to describe) and come to a consensus on a definition of this aspect of hyperspace. once we have a definition we will work to come up with a unique (or not) term for that aspect that will become the agreed upon term for said aspect of hyperspace.
Terms could be pulled from botanical/medical/any kinda science terminology (or not, or we could just make shit up like gooplygoop :d ). Also I would like to experiment with incorperating any artists on the Nexus that are willing to illustrate the different aspects of hyperspace and see if we can get an image of the aspect we are trying to define/name that we can all agree on.

3. A third thread (or nexus-wiki post) would be started to house the completed descriptors with their definitions. It's important to note that the uninitiated need not have the slightest clue what we are talking about when describing hyperspace. Much like scientific descriptive terminology the focus of the terms and definitions is their descriptive accuracy not whether the non-medical professional, or non-botanist, etc. can understand what is being discussed.

4. Enjoy the benefits of our hard work! Imagine for a moment what having even 50 more words to describe your trip would do for your ability to explain what happened in hyperspace to others?

Misc. notes that I think should be mentioned:

- Assuming the voice recorder experiment I posted about here works, using audio trip reports to gain more complete and detailed reports of hyperspace could be helpful in working on this project.

- As many people as possable must be a part of this project for there to be any reason to undertake it. If the terms don't become widely used, at least here on the Nexus to begin with, why bother?

This is about as far as I can take this concept on my own at this point. I'm submitting this idea to all of you to hopefully be adopted as an important undertaking in advancing our understanding DMT and hyperspace.
This is a damn good idea vegantoker.

I am suprised (upon seeing your post) that no one has thought of this before.

Beyond words, yes, you are right, let's MAKE THE WORDS to help describe our experiences.

For example, I sometimes will have multiple experiences that are VERY similar, everything is in 2D, full breakthrough and ego loss, but there are mainly curvey lines that pulse and change color rapidly. The feeling is of a funhouse, there is annoying squeeking that goes along with the viusals.

Another common thing I experience is an extremely rapid, shortlived visual twitch. It's like in a horror movie when a ghost starts shaking his/her head rapidly and then goes back to normal speed...although the visual does not have any fear that goes along with it. This may or may not be a common occurance for others, but it happens almost every voyage for me.

I like the idea of giving names to very long winded explainations for a visual/experience.
The Traveler said:
Check this link.

I can also remember there was another one on it's way.

I think what I'm talking about would almost be a necessary precursor to what the linked post is talking about. How do you map a space you can't even describe?

@ acolon_5: Any ideas on how to begin this project? This project needs to become everyone elses "thought baby" as it has become mine for it to work. But it can work. Also your post made it obvious to me that we need a lot of experienced people (which I am not, yet). Because most of what you described I haven't seen so far. It's so hard for me to remember the next day exactly what I did see! The recorder will hopefully fix that though.

Remembering is hard. I am no artist (seriously, very bad) but at one point I was making rough sketches as soon as I came back...this helped me remember quite a bit. A recorder would also be invaluable.

I'm not sure I have the time or energy right now to be of much service, but let's keep this discussion going and hopefully some other members will chime in. I think about it as well and post back after the three day weekend.
Yes vegan toker, I think this is all a very good idea ! Would be nice to have key words that quickly describe dynamic parts of the trip that would otherwise need descriptions. It has been a while since SWIM entered hyperspace, but will probably soon, to 'refresh' the mind a bit and possibly be able to give some better input here.

How to begin.. well, I think you pretty much described it already... it would start with discussions about aspects of hyperspace and coming up with terms for these things, trying to visit hyperspace again, seeing if terms fit good, etc..

as for not remembering, SWIM has very hard trouble remembering most times. Combo of shrooms+dmt is perfect in this sense, but maybe the fact that shrooms is involved would already colour the experience too much for a hyperspace-only vocabulary (though with this combo actually SWIM felt he still went to same pure-dmt hyperspace, just an improved version where things went a bit slower, he could pay more attention and where he remembered better after).

Some people say THH+dmt works good too, SWIM never tried this. In any case, like a dream, talking about it just after definitely helps, so a tape recorder might not be a bad idea
Yes yes yes!! I love it.

A member has already coined one term... SPO (Static Pattern Overlay)... which seemed invaluable to SWIM to describe his journeys... let me try and dig up the post.

Here we are!

jasons741 said:

Smokey, The static pattern overlay(SPO?) is the way 'they' communicate with me on lower doses. Faces from every ancient era show up in any uniform surface. The best ever was a picture of my favorite fractal. I thought I would be most fascinated by the fractal swirls but the static, slightly irregular monochromatic background showed me more in one square foot than I'd ever seen before. I am always like-'how do they do that?' or 'they are so clever' because you can blink or look away change your point of view and the same image persists!

Since this effect is so broadly experienced, should it not be given a monniker? Is that not the purpose of this place? Please help us add to the lexicon of hyperspace travel. Feel free to coin or nickname any and all attributes of psychedelic experience that a common language or slanguage will evolve. Try them out here. This is a group of the most discerning swimmers in all the net.

It starts here.

Great thread, I hope you all read it if you haven't! It touches on the idea you have here, my friend.

Is this about finding words for common trip situations? That thought crossed my mind and Ithink it's a good idea. I think words need to sound like the state they're describing. For example:

The very essence of entering a cathedral, and feeling heavy boots on marble floor, creating stomping sounds with lots of reverb. A light wandering through the foggy cathedral.

= "golopth"
"...that the real secret to magic is that the world is made of words

and when you know the words that the world is made of

you can make of it whatever you wish" - T. McKenna
Vegantoker - If I'm not mistaken I believe you are suggesting a "Lexicon of Hyperspace / DMT", correct?

If so, absolutely, we need something like this. To be effective I think it would be helpful to form a small committee, assigned to decide on terminology and standards. I would be more than happy to assist in any way possible. I think it's an excellent idea! As others have stated in this thread, there are a few things that come to mind that are already fully or partially established. A few that come to mind, specifically from this site are:

SPO - Static Pattern Overlay: (See thread above)
Candyland: The visual of a pristine polished "enhanced" open eyed reality
The Throat Marble: The feeling of rolling ball trapped in the back of ones throat

There are so many more that I just can't recall at the moment. Of course, there are all the standards that have already become widely used like, "glass chrysanthemum", "elves", "breakthrough", etc. etc... but yet need to be captured into a single intelligible document that can be used for translating and understanding journeys.

Let's do it! Suggested next steps from anyone? If you agree upon the committee idea then maybe we can enlist The Traveler to recruit a handful of members to assist in this effort?

The Throat Marble: The feeling of rolling ball trapped in the back of ones throat

Nice one. My peruvian friend experienced this recently. I think it should be an open process where everyone can chip in and discuss certain states. Then, the state should be described at length to make sure everyone is talking about the same thing.

I'd also like to propose to create real new words not just descriptions like "throat marble"...this would be to "earthly" and pretty amateurish.
here is a new word i would like to add

jimjam(also my new name for jungle spice) but jimjam is the squishy, goopy, sticky, stringy matter of hyperspace that anything can be created from..its multicolored and delicious..
wow, it's so cool to see this start coming together. Thanks Traveler for the Wiki entry!

@ idtravlr: awesome name idea, I'm glad it was used for the Wiki!

IMHO the next steps should be to continue to add words that we all use all the time anyways to the wiki, and we also need to agree on the first unnamed aspect we would like to define!

Do you want to use this tread or should we start a "work thread" like I was talking about before?

@ obliguhl: I agree 1005 with your two points above. everyone that wants to be, needs to be involved. Once we start defining undefined aspects we really should try and be a bit more, I don't know, technical maybe? About our word choices. As I found out in the last few days, this is a project that those on the leading edge of psychedelic research and exploration have been TALKING about for a long time (over twenty years it seems). So, if we do create this lexicon it could be used by the new generation of scientists researching these substances (if the man ever let them that is). Or, the part I'm most excited about, to just make it easier for us to confirm with each other what is going on hyperspace when we visit.

Everyone else has talked about this, but we are going to do it! be proud DMT-Nexus. This is a big deal.

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