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psychedelic candy.. post your thoughts!

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so far gathered ideas:

- cheech
Posted: Thursday, August 21, 2008 4:04:49 PM
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would it be possible to make an acetone/dextrose saturated solution , add the wanted amount of DMT and then evaporate the acetone to leave a white powder.. one could then add just a little 96.6% ethanol (just dust it with a plant duster).. just enough to make it sticky and then press it to pills.

- acolon_5
Posted: Thursday, August 21, 2008 4:42:47 PM

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You can add a small amount of lidocaine to the mix to reduce the burning sensation. A crude coca leaf alcohol extract would work as well, but you would need a lot more than lidocaine.

Alternativly you could place a gram or so of coca leaf with a small amount of weak base under your tounge for 10 minutes prior to 5-meo-dmt ingestion. This will pretty much numb up your mouth.

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These are all helpful ideas. Thanks guys.

I know also that harmine causes the mouth to go numb after a while. Harmine + 5-MeO-DMT is a trip that's sort of DMT-like with tons of visuals. It's a completely different expereince than pure 5-MeO-DMT.

If someone where to actually make sucrose or erythritol (better for the teeth) based hard candy and then add the 5-MeO-DMT right before the candy hardens, would that work? Maybe a little pain killer like lidocaine could also be added before the candy hardens.

here's my salvia candy recipe:


Cream: 125ml
Vanilla Sugar: 1 Pack
Sugar: 250g
Honey: 1 Table Spoon
Salvia Divinorum: 15g dried leaf / you may also use extract to make the candy more potent


Put all the ingredients together in a pot, heat and stir until it looks brownish like caramel.

Spread out the resulting goo on a prefatted baking paper. Let it cool a little and cut it into squares.
When it has fully cooled, break up the pieces and wrap them in foil for storage.



Cream: 20ml
Butter: 125g
Sugar: 1 Cup
Salvia Divinorum: 15g dried leaf / you may also use extract to make the candy more potent

Needed Supplies:

uncoated cast-iron pan
a glas of water
sandwich paper


Heat the butter in a pan. Then add the sugar and cream to it. Stir the whole time at medium temperature.
Stir until the goo turns gets more and more sticky until it turns goldish-brown. Take the pan off the
stove and make little pieces of candy on the sandwich paper using a wetted teaspoon. You will need to re-wet the spoon after each portion.. otherwise it'll stick.

Let cool. Have fun!
Preperation Time: about 15 min.

the candy which comes out in the end will vary.. it depends on how much heat is being used and to which degree the candy dries out in the end. Find out what you like best.

here's a sublingual dosage guide, for potency calculation of the candy:

Sublingual/Buccal Salvia divinorum Dosages (plain leaf)
Light 10 g fresh / 2 g dried
Common 30 g fresh / 6 g dried
Strong 50 g fresh / 10 g dried

Onset : 10-20 minutes
Duration : 30-90 minutes
Normal After Effects : 30-120 minutes

peace, have fun and may you find the light.
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