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Psychedelic Pentathalon

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Let me preface this by saying grounding between experiences and integration time is necessary and recommended. It's not smart to trip and trip and trip.

Now...with that out of the way...

What order and combinations to you all suggest to get the most tripping out of a 5 day/night period?

Smoked DMT and mescaline will not be on the menu, most likely, as the environment is too chaotic for me for smoked DMT and it will be too hot to handle the mescaline come up.

The fourth day will be 1P-LSD in keeping with a tradition started last year, and we can take mushrooms, MDMA, 2-CB-Fly, 4-HO-MIPT and/or 4-ACO-DMT along with us.

I'm pretty sure most folks here would advise against serial tripping. It's generally considered to be healthier and more productive to trip less often and spend more time integrating the experience. There are risks associated with excessive psychedelic use.

If you are determined to go for it, I know there are some Ayahuasca ceremonies where people will trip several nights in a row, so that's what I'd say is probably the safest bet, as it's actually been rigorously tested.

After your harm reduction disclaimer, I'm scratching my head as to why you'd want to do this in a "chaotic", physically uncomfortable environment.
And the plethora of RCs don't help clarify anything.

Sounds like you just want to get as wasted as possible, I doubt anything beneficial would be retained, even memories of a good time, if that's how you luck out with it.

For serial tripping, natty's advice is good.

Who's trip sitting for a week?
Yea I can only suggest Ayahuasca for nights in a row or possibly Fumahuasca, which would allow you to smoke more DMT some nights and less others on top of whatever form of harmalas you take. Can really get serious healing if your intentions are pure and you keep your body safe and refueled in the hours between. But these multi-day trip are no joke. You gotta be in a safe space and mindset and really have a good reason for it or the medicine will punish you for your foolhardiness.

Your plan of RC's sounds terrible IMHO. Thats how many of my friends got some kind visual HPPD issues.....I know alot of people who tripped for a few days in a row[on RC's, LSD, Molly] for a festival or some house raves and now DO NOT trip anymore because of the physical/emotional/psychical trauma. Some are on hard drugs now. Please be careful with tripping.

If you wanna go days in a row stay natural. IF you wanna do RC's sure OK, but give your body time to recover who knows how they can interact.

Hope these responses generate a different direction than your original plan!

As a wise man once said to me about gaining your spiritual enlightenment,
"Make haste, slowly."
In retrospect, the title of the thread is definitely phantastical hyperbole. I remember that phrase from Dale Pendell's book about Burning Man, and it popped into my head.

I actually plan to trip twice, once on Wednesday or Thursday and once on Saturday. I know my body and reactions, and the Saturday trip (the night of the big event) won't be as strong as on virgin receptors regardless of dose (at least at the dose I would take).

So, basically I was thinking that a moderate dose tryptamine (4-ACO-DMT should have the same safety profile as mushrooms, correct?) Wednesday and a lysergamide (I am very comfortable in 1P space), possibly coupled with a phenythlamine, Saturday would allow for the least cross tolerance for an experience Saturday.

It's a very loving, chaotic, artistic scene. No worries about physical safety, vibe has always been amazing, but I'll of course feel it out first. Really I just a giant wimp with vaped DMT and won't do it outside my house or yard, and then few and far between.

I should have probably framed the thread as a question about cross tolerance between phens, lysergamides, and tryptamines.
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