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Psychedelic Wisdom Sources You Trust?

Migrated topic.
I appreciated the opportunity to articulate the truth about this particular issue, it is an old and occasionally recurrent misconception about both psychiatry and shamanism, and it is helpful to have articulations about this in the world. And I thank you for requesting reference to the actual DSM.
My latest expedition is on so called channeled works. I began with Conversations with God. First part was brilliant, 2&3 didn't feel like channeled. Then I took a ride with A Course in Miracles. Seemed very sane, but the narratiom on Audible was extremely boring. The narrator didn't seem to know what he's dealing with. This was very different when I moved on to Seth Speaks. This last mentioned describes how psychedelic worlds operate and how you manipulate them. Blaze a good joint with some amanita and give it a roll..
Interesting. Allan Kardec is on my reading list because of how important Spiritism is for the ayahuasca churches from Brazil. I had no idea Spiritism was so wildly popular in that country. I think they voted Chico Xavier as their greatest citizen in history or something….
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