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infant in the infinite
I was lucky enough to grow up in a small seaside town with plenty of forest an nature. I grew up in a household with two alcoholic parents, they took care of me but weren't emotionally available for me. Sometimes small towns are sinister, at the age of 15 i was exposed to meth for the first time. I was in a bad place mentally and psychically, i felt abused and hated myself.
My neighbour and best friend (who's mother was also an alcoholic) and I would most days getting extremely stoned and escaping our realities.
He then came across silk road and started ordering LSD online.
That is when my life changed.
I was about 16 when i had my first trip. It was with him. It was pure magic. My eyes were opened (or should i say my third eye lol).
I for once saw that it wasn't bad to feel like an outcast in a society that was faulty, and most of my flaws where actually my greatest strengths i just had to change my intentions in life.
I started working on myself, loving myself, loving life, i felt free, i felt like i had been shown the truths of the universe and they comforted me.
Psychedelics became my teachers in a world where i couldn't find suitable role models or guidance.
I left the school and left the house, I went to live and work at this sort commune, exploring more with psychedelics and eventually saving up enough money to go to India and Nepal.
I spent on and off three years of my life, now not taking psychedelics but just working on myself and opening myself up to my spirituality.
I moved back to my country and short version of the story, my childhood best friend (the one that bought the LSD off silk road back in the day) went on a love quest and proclaimed his love for me.
We now live together on a beautiful farm, we just set up a very large exotic mushroom farm and are happily living the simple life together, exploring psychedelia, loving life, each other and ourselves.
Our parents are also now using psychedelics to recover from their alcoholism, His mom has been sober for over a year and mine for two months.
Now we are writing a book on psychedelic experiences and are so grateful for these tools in a society based on unleashed, heartless, soulless egos.
Now i work at psychedelia INC. and try to spread the "word" of psychedelia as best we can with all legalities in place

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