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Psychonautical enthusiast seeking the border of reality

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Hi Folks!

I've been involved off and on in the entheogenic community for 22 years. I've contributed to drug information sites in varying capacities in addition to performing my own personal research. I did crude mimosa and rue extractions almost 2 decades ago but decided not to experiment with DMT. My experiences with LSD led me to conclude in no way was I ready to enter that realm. Indeed, I decided to stop experimenting with entheogens due to a series of negative experiences (set and setting, hello!?!)

My LSD troubles taught me that respect is paramount when engaging with these powerful compounds. This awareness brought profound reverence to my relationship with the plant Salvia divinorum. I listened to this plant, especially when she instructed me not to smoke her. I became a proponent of the "quid" method of salvinorin A absorption: rolling fresh or re-hydrated leaves and placing them into ones mouth, chewing them, and then holding it in the mouth for absorption. Dang just writing that makes me want to chew a quid!!

I wish to share my experiments in pharma-huasca with a pharmaceutical MAOI. I have performed a series of experiments with moclobemide and extracted DMT, and I have not seen much data in this regard. So I would like to share my findings, although sometimes my methods are less-than-scientific. I still feel I can be a helpful resource. So that is why I wish to be a member!!
Sounds as if you have some things to share with this community that would be welcome here...


Welcome to the Nexus interbarrenwind!

And safe travels.
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