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Psychonauts of the world unite!

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Hi guys!
I discovered this forum around a year ago, when I first tried dmt and I was very excited about it. I’ve started my psychonaut experience more then 10 years ago and I experienced a lot of psychedelics (lsd, psylocibin, mescalin, 2c) but the acquaintance of the dmt really changed my point of view. After one of the strongest experiences I started to study more and more… after some months I bought my first mimosa and some lab tools. I followed a very simple STB extraction and the results were amazing! Around 1,8% yeld and I made my first changa (I prefere this metod of consumption because is much simpler to smoke it, mostly for the second/third hit). Later I discovered your Cyb hybrid tek and made 2 extraction using that (aroung 500g of mimosa) and the results were even better! I obtained spice of all 3 colors, the first pull was white and the later ones yellow and then red. Mixed all spices togheter and made my changa using: damiana, pink lotus, passiflora, calea 50x (a bit) i also added a passiflora extract (20x) in liquid form. This changa is the best I ever tried… only needs 2 hits to breakthrough and the first hit is very strong too.
I want to join this great community to learn and to contribute with the information I discovered! I’m really sorry for the poorness of my english but I’m Italian based :roll:
Thank you guys! Right now I'm trying to answer to the questionnaire, It's very long and tecnical but It's also very well thinked

Other than this topic where else is supposed to be free to post for a new member? I'd like to post my experience about the cyb tek and provide some pictures too, same thing for the guide to changa topic, that guide helped me very much understanding all the different plants
edit: ok I think that I can post in the welcome area only sorry I missed that in the rules/faq
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