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Psychotria v. leaf extraction tek?

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Was just wondering if anyone has any experience extracting from P viridis leaves. I know that it would require a lot of defatting, considering that I have an abundance of P viridis this would be the best way for me to acquire DMT. By the way, if any one needs any P viridis leaves just let me know, we could work something out for a trade.
Never done but I would start by acidifying a P.Viridis soup to around 2.5-3 PH.Then I would de-fat it several times with turpentine,and one last de-fat with naptha to remove any turpentione plus remaining fat if any.then I would basify to 13.5 and pull the spice with naptha like in a standard A/B extraction.
[quote:734908654b="Taliesin the Alchemist"]Sounds pretty simple! When you say several times you mean like, say 3 or 4 times or are you implying, maybe double those amounts?[/quote:734908654b] 3 or 4 times should do the trick, but more is better in this case. If you defat one last time with naphta, you'll pull out almost all the turpentine that might be left anyway. Acidify with white vinegar and let the soup boil for at least an hour (more if possible) with the lid on, to make sure all the DMT is in the acid solution.
Hello , I see little sense in making seperate recipies for all the different DMT sources . The extractions are all the same , the only diference is in how the DMT is packed . If its hard or otherwise dificult to powder it is easy to soak it in acidic water for a day and then freeze it for a day and then thaw it for a day repeatedly and/or puting it in a preasure cooker untill it is soft enough to be put into a blender . Acidifying to PH 2 is unnesecery . PH 4 is ok. Dont make yourself to many thoughts about it . If i can make ayahuasca with only water it means that the DMT is in a form wich is water soluable . A preasure cooker is very usefull but a big sauce pan will do . Just read a few teks and try it , as noman says you cant loose anything unless you throw it away = you can always throw it back in the pan and start again . You de fat till there is no visible fat layer in your mixture after shaking it and letting it stand for an hour . Dont try to do it to quickly , there is no need and its not as efective as doing it slowly . The basic rule for chemistry is "shit in = shit out" = in this case i mean Love and care in the making produce a loving careing product . 1 day is to fast , yes it works but life is not a fast food laboratory for plastic people with no time or patience . LOVE GOD
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