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Psychotria Viridis

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Does anybody know of a good extraction tek for Psychotria Viridis.Swim recently acquired some seeds and was curious if anybody knows of one.I remember seeing one somewhere before it might have been on dmtworld before they took down the teks.Oh well hope somebody has the info I need.Peace.
I've found Viridis to be a major pain in the ass to defat, as well as to reduce the colorful impurities from the chlorophyll. Mimosa is by far the better choice for extraction....viridis is more of a ayahuasca additive, imo.
Yes I know Mimosa is the better choice.Swim has done the extraction a few times.He is just wondering because has these seeds and some day they are going to plants and he figured he would try it.If you an extraction tek for it that would be cool or any pointers about amounts of solvents to use or how much starting material would be needed.Thanks and peace. 8)
I would like to hear the details on doing a psychotria viridis extraction when you have the time to post it.Thanks and peace.
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