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Pull Freebase with Naphtha

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I have done pulling Freebase with Naphtha from Acacia Confusa tea.
I did 5 pulls, collected 250ml Naphtha totally.
And now I put the 250ml Naphtha on hot bath to reduce its volume.
I should reduce it to 50ml before put it on the freezer.
Actually I don't care freebase in crystal form or not, I would like to know what if I reduce it all the way on hot bath.
The left should be goo and still active, right?
You should reduce it to the point where blowing air over the surface causes the solvent to turn slightly cloudy. Then take it off the heat bath, cover and let it slowly cool down to room temperature. Let it stand for several hours. Then put it in the refrigerator overnight and then in the freezer for another day.

Doing it this way, slowly will ensure that nice and slid crystals form. Bigger crystals mean better purity of the dmt.

On the other hand, if you completely evaporate down the solvent, you are also concentrating all impurities in your solvent onto the dmt product. General purpose solvents should not be assumed to be very pure. For this reason full evaporation is not recommended. Use freeze precipitation and give it some time to do its work properly.

Obviously, and I assume that you already know this and are doing it right, you should never evaporate solvents indoors, and never near flames or other sources of ignition. Heat baths should be prepared in advance, so that solvents in the heat bath will not be exposed to the heat source that is used to heat the bath.
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