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Purging nightmares

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glad you are here with my on this epic journey we call life, yesterday @ 11 Pm i took 2 Grams of Truffles.

It has been 2 years now that i started my entheogenic journey with the help of shrooms, at first i have gone on a trip with my friends.. Nowadays it is very popular to microdose and generally speaking it's considerd to be healthy for both the brain and body . If done properly it would help me face my inner demons and clean em off this dirt so that the past experiences can be of help of me.

Lets talk about what happend Y'day, shall we?
My dad is downstairs hanging out with his friends and im sitting on my bed, in the room next to me is my sister. She told me goodnight, I smiled and kissed her goodnight.
"i have to know how strong these 'mother finest'are" i told myself. Without hesitation i opend my blue schoolbag, opend the box of truffles and took 2 grams give or take.
Starting to feel excited, last time ive taken truffles have been far too long (atleast 6 months) .
My stomach is full of dinner of that night i can feel my stomach being full, This is not gonna work i thought to myself , especialy on such a low dose maybe i will meditate..

Music and meditation helped me alot in the past, becoming more mindfull and less anxiouse & more aware <3 .
It was about 12 o'clock, at that time i was convinced that i wouldnt feel anything of the truffles.
So it was time to go to bed, as i have to wake up early tommorow morning for school.
What happend next blew my mind.
I was full on tripping in my dreams, it was a nightmare but dont think it was scary, no it was horrible . So i was sitting in a room with good friends of mine we were chilling and all of us were tripping having a great time! Then i started to hear whispers which didnt annoy me at first but then i turned around to hear who it was and they are people i do not know too well but they are new in my life and somewhat important i would say colleages. I turned my face to them to help me understand what they were saying and decided to talk to them, all i heard them say ( and what i heard them say was in my own voice aswell) is calling me stupid and we were continously debating . At this point i am debating with the person trying to convince him im not stupid, but whatever i do it didnt help.
As im writing this i cant help but to think that when i was dreaming i got into a "dream"loop.

Anyways, lets continu. After the terrible dream i woke up, thanking the shrooms for giving me such an experience and directly integrating the experience/dream to see whats wrong.
It didnt take long for me te realise that you could actually be afraid of others "thinking" that you are dumb. As im writing this, i realise another thing yet more important then all the above which i have written.
1st. It doesnt matter where you study or what you study . As long as you have a passion .
2nd. I should realise the real friends i have, apriciate those more and focus less on the others , which are just acquintences and acquintences are groupies :D.
3d. The truth of the story is, my mind is afraid i wont make new friends/ love , but i remember very well that the best of relations ships grow naturally. (talking about being a hippy much)

Happy tripping!
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