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Purifying dmt freebase with water

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First I want to say hello community. It has been a while since I have been on here.

So in the past there has been issues with fats and solvent getting trapped in the crystal and I have been thinking of ways to clear this up. So I was thinking one could take the crystal and put it in a glass pan. Then one would add boiling water to the pan of dmt making it melt. As it melts it should release fats and solvent to the surface of the water. Then one could refrigerate the water making the dmt solidify and sink back to the bottom while the fats and left over solvent stay at the top to be poured off. I never read anyone doing this before and was looking for other experienced explorers input.
I did a water wash on a small amount last year. Maybe 300mg. No heat just room temp. It didnt seem to do much aside from causing my DMT to clump into small, hard, slightly yellow chunks. Kind of reminded me of what happens to cocaine when you drop it into basic water.

If you do decide to do the water wash, keep some sodium carbonate on hand. After filtering mix up a saturated sodium carbonate solution & add a few ml to the wash water to be sure it didnt eat any product.
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