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Purifying your product

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What would be the best way to purify some yellowish crystals? swim has cleaned them before with strong ice cold ammonia and the yellow still stays, it just makes it easier to smoke

SWIM doesnt want to go looking everywhere for some bestine for a nice recrystallization.

If swim just poured all of his shit into a small glass of warm naphtha to fully dissolve it and then crystalize it again will it make it any purer? Switching from freezer to fridge doesnt work to do anything that noticable it seems except puts the yellow gunk on the bottom with whiter crystals ontop

if theres no other easy way swim will just take a bit of naphtha and recrystalize in the fridge for a few hours and hopefully the yellow wont fall out (or atleast all of it) =X
Here's a great guide for learning and understanding the recrystallization process. There's really nothing I can add.

Also, if the pictured on that thread don't inspire you to make pure DMT or beautiful crystals, I don't know what will.
Maybe I'm replying too soon... but today I found out that using lime instead of lye produces a much cleaner product. Not a trace of the yellow stuff and much safer to use! (but still very caustic, avoid contact)

My little theory is that highly concentrated sodium hydroxide saponifies fatty compounds that can dissolve in naphta, contrary to calcium hydroxide. This is also a strong base but badly soluble, and if any calcium soaps are formed they won't dissolve in naphta. Pure speculation...
Still in development; I have no idea yet about yield, if it's necessary to heat, etc.

But some people prefer the impure stuff, I keep a small batch of dark yellowish spice for 'special occasions' rather than purifying everything.
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