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Q21Q21s Extraction Help Needed.

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Hey everyone I'm still new to this whole extraction even after months of research and prep I seem to be stuck on the last part. I have not completely given up 1st and 2nd pull using Q21Q21's method I got crystals mostly floaters and when I pulled the first two pulls after evap the crystals turned to a yellowish oil. Reminds me of BHO and has a faint naptha smell after 4 hours of drying. Q21Q21's recipe used Mimosa I used ACRB its what I had already on hand. and I followed the recipe to a T. What am I doing wrong? Should I be doing something different to keep the frozen crystals from drying to a oil substance? Within an hour in the freezer the Naphtha clouds up and within 2 hours I start to see floaters and crystals at the bottom of the pyrex glass. I don't know a lot about solvents any help would be greatly appreciated.

Second I am not a chemist in any way shape or form so excuse my dumb questions.
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Also, take a look at this useful thread if not done so already. Hope it helps.

Ive decided not to try to achieve re-x. For a first time extraction I'm pretty happy the first time many years ago when I extracted BHO I wondered if I did it right due to getting wax instead of shatter.
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