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Question about Brugmansia

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So, I found a Brugmansia tree near my house, and I have some calea left over from my last electric sleep blend, and I was thinking of trying Dreamscape with calea + Brugmansia

But I'm not sure about preparation.....can I just pluck one of these flowers off the tree and use the petals? Does it need to be dried first? Is there a specific genus/species of Brugmansia used for this blend? I'm a little scared of deliriants and don't want to accidently end up on some messed up hell journey.

Pic of the plant in question:
(am in brazil, if anyone can identify/help with identification)

Anyone have experience with that blend, or any tips/tricks for best practices with infusing? Other people on this form have warned about it, but I don't see how adding a few of the petals to a blend could be that bad.

Might be helpful. I would not suggest messing with brugsmania/ datura.

The active alkaloids include atropine, hyoscyamine and scopolamine. The physiological effects of these alkaloids are very active at low doses and can lead to all sorts of complications. Some of the effects from these alkaloids are also long lasting (as little as 7mg of scoplamine has been reported to last days and you'll likely have little memory of it).
To put this in perspective 1g of seeds from a less active variety like B. Sanguinea contains 132mg of scoplamine. I couldn't say if the leaves or flowers are more potent I don't know this information but it may well be.

Deliriants (especially anti cholinergic compounds) are nothing like hallucinogenic psychedelics and very unsafe. Better to steer clear from a safety perspective. People have been reported to seriously harm themselves when under the influence.
The Daturas and Brugmansias are very unique basically savant level communicators and many of us including myself have been trying to figure out what they do and don't want humans to do with them, over the years: i agree with others who say not to ingest any plant material.

i don't think it necessarily offends the plants as much as that isn't their idea of how they most want to interact with humans!!

I would say, try to collaborate on a shared visual language, try going near the plant and drawing shapes in a notebook, if you have colored pencils, pens, crayons maybe colors will be involved!! Also you can try to bring any sort of instrument for playing rhythms and see if it will create rhythms with you!! Perhaps also singing melodies, i think that Brugmansia would love to teach people its own styles of icaros without needing to be consumed physically: just by being together as two lifeforms!!
accurate dosing is really important with tropane plants/alkaloids, so you should definitely know more about potency of your material.
@trncefigurate_aomn I like your approach. This little device might help with that kind of connection - PlantWave
I'm actually amazed that this little device hasn't received a bit more attention here!

Has anyone else encountered this/tried the device and/or app?

Not a sponsored post (but feel free to get in touch ;) ) - I'm genuinely intrigued while at the same time being cognizant of the sheer simplicity of at least the electrode input end of the technology.

I'd be tempted to try one with my own plants if the software were compliant with FOSS standards.

€280 ($299) is a fairly high price, and the Pro version of the app would require a subscription too (of course), while customs clearance for Europe may provide an additional obstacle.

Also, check the app reviews if contemplating a purchase:
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