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Question about growing nightshades.

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I'm growing some vegetables.
And i've always heard people say that you should not grow any plants of the nightshade family (potatoes, tomatoes, zuchinni's, etc) on the same soil as the year before.

Thing is, i just keep getting them spontaneously.
Five potatoes and two tomatoes have just popped up on the same place where i had them last year.

I have not realy any space left to move them to, so the options are: just let them grow, or kill them.

Any suggestions?
Hello dragonrider how are you just had a quick look if you have no room it should be fine. U can test ph of your soil replenish what it needs nitrogen phosphorus potassium. A good buddy grew tomatoes in the same spot for a few years and had no drama hope this helps
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On one of my plots, last year's potatoes (or maybe even from the year before that) have popped up again and they look better than ever. I did chuck some ash and charcoal on in the spring so that may have helped. They're looking so good, I decided to earth them up with some spare soil I have. This has kept them from swamping some beans which were meant to be the crop there this year. Perhaps you can still squeeze in some compatible plants around them? I also have climbing beans in my tomato pots.

(Zucchini is not a nightshade!! I think you must have meant aubergine.)
I believe this advice is intended for avoiding disease, not related to some sort of soil chemistry issue. Tobacco mosaic virus can infect many different types nightshades for example.
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