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Question about Lazyman's Tek

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Sorry for this dumb question.

SWIM is planing to do a MHRB extraction with Lazymen's Tek.
Is one pull enough to have smokeable dmt ? Why doing two or three pulls ?

After reading a lot about dmt extractions the lazymantek sounds possible for SWIM 'cause he's a noob in things like that.
Does "making a second pull" mean adding naptha again to the dark water which has left after the first pull ?

Thanks for your attention.
One little detail to add: the choice to make is whether to put the pulls together before freeze precipitating, or keep them separated. I usually treat them separately to save the pristine first two pulls.
When it's exhausted, you might have a go at stuff like the n-oxide that's badly soluble in naphta, with another solvent like limonene, xylene or toluene. Who knows there's some 'jungle spice' in there... can't confirm it, but at that point you couldn't call it Lazyman' tek any more - hard work ;)
Go with an STB a la Noman, I beg of you.

Yeah that's what SWIM is thinking about.. but he is'nt sure if he will do the ammonia-wash/recrystallisation.
But Noman's tek should be more useful he think.

So you highly recommend to seperate the naptha pulls ?
I also thought in the beginning the Lazyman tek would be easier than Nomans, but i found out, Noman is much more "sympathic" to me....

With the Nomans tek you only need more water than with lazymen, which makes the separation of the two layers much more easy. And as soon as you have the naphtha separated, put in a Pyrex Dish (not too much, because otherwise it won't precip. very good) and into the freezer with that for about 5-8 hours...

When i started this technique, i first had mostly super-yellowish spice... after learning and understanding the process of the precip. , i end up now with mostly pure white DMT from only the freeze-precip. No need to do an ammonia wash... senseless...

Anyway, if i were you, i'd start making changa! It makes ingestion so much easier... fill the bowl, rip, fly... come down, fill again, rip again, fly again :D so easy and so enjoyable. :)

By the way: Dr. Plant, i sent you a PM ;) checkitout
Dr.Plant said:
Does "making a second pull" mean adding naptha again to the dark water which has left after the first pull ?
No dark water should leave the jar when you pull, only the clear naphtha layer.
pyx said:
one would not want to combine the pulls before freeze precip. doing so would prevent crystals from forming. combining the pulls would dilute the spice in the solvent even more thus making precip impossible. if one were to combine they would have to evaporate the solvent to about 15% its original volume. if one were to do all that, they might as well just evaporate the entire thing.
Yes, you're right the combined pulls have to be pre-evaporated, sorry I didn't mention that. Maybe even a good standard practice also for the first pulls.
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