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question about SHE


Rising Star
is a SHE when someone sits in a room about to launch a trip to space while other people(?) in nearby rooms detach the consiousness to link in to the view from of the person whos about to launch

dident know its possible for people(?) to jump out their mind and look from someone elses eyes ,,,
quite disturbing really

is that wats it all about ?
Syncronized hyperspace event ? what is that all about ?

and few resonating words from the great screen heyoke Ali G
techmology ? wat is dat all about ?
science ? wat is dat all about ?
computars ? wat is dat all about ?
SO far, its a SHE when its scheduled different poeplel form anywhere on the planet ( and even if they were in outer space ) would launch simultaneously in hyperspace. butit doesn't mean one is being looked in form all others. anyone might have a very different trip. exactly like when everyone in a city goes to bed and sleep at the same time. they do'nt dream about someone dream.
SO I think you overinterpretated here.
It isn't what it is about, way simplier than that. Nothing but like a festival. Its like world mediation for peace scheduled that day at this time.. exactly same principle.
Respec. It be well important to question tings like superstition. I bet its as hard to find an honest report of syncronized tripping as it is to find one of enlightment through the meditation practice

Respec and Big up yourself!
There was a speaker at Breaking Convention 2017 in London named Mark Agacan, who did a bunch of independent research attempting to connect with a few friends in hyperspace. He had various degrees of success with meeting similar entities and travelling to similar places.

I had an interesting experience last year where I met a female entity who was sprinkling some powder on the middle of my forehead. When coming out of the trip I felt an overwhelming feeling of joy and gratitude. I had a good cry and laugh simultaneously. The next day I had received a text from a friend (whom I hadn't heard from in years) who had a dream that I made contact with this female entity and I was crying and laughing, kind of like when you stub your toe.

In short, life is one bizzaro story.
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