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Question on Mescaline extraction

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Greetings good people !!:)

I've been performing my first Mescaline extraction ( first of all , big thanks to Kash for this easy tek :) ) and as a noob chemist i have a small question.

In step 8. it sais : To the toluene extract add 100ml H2O. Add 0.5ml concentrated HCl to this and mix well for 5 minutes. Check the pH. If it is still basic (pH 9+) then add incriments of 0.5ml HCl with mixing and checking pH until it tests acidic (below pH 7).

Here is my silly question: Why i just can't add to the Toluene extract , already premade acidic H2O , lets say around pH 5 (concentrated HCL going to be used) and then mix it. Whats the difference between adding H2O to the toluene extract and then acidifying it , and adding already acidic H2O to the toluene extract ?

Thank you for your time guys:love:

Best regards
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