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Question regarding kratom extraction TEK

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Hey freaks,

due to the planned ban recieved my attention. I wanted to try it before it disappears from the legal marked.

The texture of the powder mixed in liquid was huge turn off for me. Toss and wash also doesn't appeal to me. So I did a simple water extraction.

- Two 20 min. boils with citrus juice in an ultrasonic cleaner at about 80°C
- Combining and reducing liquids
- Evaporating in oven
- Scraping...done

Took about 2 hours to complete.

It went ok and I ended up with an 1:4 extract which dissolves nicely in warm water and delivers a nice buzz also.

Nevertheless I'd like to try a more advanced extraction and am looking at my options. I stumbled over the following TEK and like to hear your thoughts about it.

What I like about it: No PH meter or PH measuring needed
What I don't like: Huuuge (overkill?) amounts of acetone are used, takes several days to complete

What speaks against a straight forward A/B extraction? And how would it compare to the following? Ideas, comments, experiences?

The basic overview is that you will cook the baking soda into sodium carbonate. You will make a super saturated solution of water and sodium carbonate. Mix the boiling hot solution with the finely ground leaf. Stick that shit in the fridge until the sodium carbonate fully crystallizes and pulls the water out of the leaf. Re-powder the now solid block. Extract many times with acetone and evaporate down to a solid. Extraction complete. You will want to read the details below.

Kratom extracts are highly addictive!

Things you will need:

1) Baking Soda
2) Acetone - buy the full gallon
3) A glass pyrex measuring cup with a handle and pouring spout > 500ml
4) A scale
5) Water
6) An oven/stove
7) An electric fan of some kind
8) Refrigerator
9) Spoon
10) Quart size ziploc twist n' loc or mason jars (polypropylene is one plastic that is not soluble in acetone. Don't use an unknown plastic for this.)
11) Finely ground kratom leaf
12) Some kind of high proof alcohol. I used everclear or 95% ethanol.
13) A glass dish like a pyrex baking dish

I will start out by saying that this is not a fast extraction. Do yourself a favor and don't be in a hurry. If done properly it will take days.

Step 1 - Making sodium carbonate.

Warning: Stuff is hot when it comes out of the oven. Don't burn yourself.

There are a lot of ways to skin this cat. Since I use sodium carbonate for a lot of things, I cook a whole 4lb box of baking soda all at once in the oven.

Dump the whole box into a deep cookie sheet and put it into a hot oven. The hotter it is, the faster the conversion. Stir the powder every once in a while to keep it from turning solid. There is an obvious change in the feel and appearance of the powder after the conversion is complete. It takes many hours, so I tend to do it in spurts of 4 hours over several days. For more details on this process, search this forum and others and you will find everything you need.

If you want to process less powder, you can cook the stuff inside a small sauce pan on top of the stove (a much faster process than the oven method). Again, search around for more info.

Step 2 - Make the saturated solution

Solubility of sodium carbonate monohydrate in water = 43.6 g/100 mL (100 °C)

Measure out an appropriate quantity of water. I extracted a full 112 grams of Bali leaf so I figured 500ml should do it. It was more than enough. Then I used a kitchen scale to measure out a quantity of cooled sodium carbonate that would be just a touch more than what should dissolve into the 500ml of water. In this case, about 230 grams.

Bring the water to a boil. I do it directly in the pyrex measuring cup on a hot plate stirring apparatus. Dump your measured sodium carbonate powder into the boiling water slowly with stirring. If you are impatient like me, you can dump it all in at once and then struggle to get it to dissolve because it formed a bunch of big clumps. After adding all the sodium carbonate, bring the water back up to a rolling boil and stir water into the mix in ~10ml increments until nearly all of the powder dissolves.

Step 3 - Base the leaf

Danger: Working with boiling hot liquid is dangerous because you can severely burn yourself. Move slowly and deliberately and take the proper precautions like gloves or mits, shoes, socks, long sleeves/pants, and EYE PROTECTION. A lab coat probably isn't a bad idea either. They are cheap and readily available on the internet. So are goggles. Don't be stupid - spend the couple bucks it takes to be safe.

Now that you have a boiling, over-saturated solution of sodium carbonate, you are ready to add it to the leaf.

Add your dry ground leaf to the ziploc twist n' loc container or what have you. Pour enough of the boiling solution into the leaf while you stir it until it is thick and soupy. Obviously, there is a little bit of play here, but you don't want the solution to be so dry that you can't stir it, and you don't want it to be so wet that there is a ton of extra water in there. (There will probably be a lot of extra solution. Watch it slowly crystallize back into solid sodium carbonate decahydrate. Wooo science is neat!) Stir it for a while and make sure that there is no dry leaf hiding at the bottom. I had the patience to stir for about 5 minutes, but you want to make sure that the water has adequately penetrated the leaf before you start to cool it down.

Put the jar, uncovered, into the fridge. There it will sit for about 12 hours, or until the texture has become somewhat dry and sandy but not a complete solid. You want to break it back down into a loose powder before it becomes a solid block because it gets VERY hard once it fully solidifies. Even a coffee grinder had trouble breaking up those rocks. The sodium carbonate is now crashing out of the solution as the decahydrate and it will suck almost all of the water back out of the leaf as it does so.

Let your loose, damp powder sit in the fridge uncovered for a few more days until it totally dries out. Be patient. You can extract this as a wet powder into the acetone but it will pull a lot more garbage with it as well as all the water (which takes forever to evaporate). It works better when the leaf has become totally dry again.

At some point, take another ziploc jar or mason jar and fill it with acetone, put the lid on tight and cool it in the fridge.

Step 4 - Extract that shit with the acetone

Warning: Acetone is very flammable, very smelly, and very volatile. Don't be a dope. Wear your personal protective equipment like gloves and eyewear and only work in well ventilated areas away from curious neighbors, spouses, hookers etc.

Now that you have a dry, basic powder from the original leaf, you can extract the now freebase alkaloids into the acetone.

Take the dry powder and fill a jar about half way with it. Pour enough acetone over the powder and fill the jar the rest of the way. Tighten the lid. Put it in the fridge and let it sit 12 hours or so. Decant off the acetone into a glass dish (pyrex baking dish) and evaporate it in front of a fan, away from any flames, heat sources, or sparks until it is dry again. The straight, angled sides of the ziploc jars are perfect for decanting. Don't worry if a small amount of powder makes it through to the dish.

Repeat many times. I put a whole gallon of acetone through 112 grams of leaf. That may have been overkill, but I was still definitely pulling out some chlorophyll at the end. I needed 2 jars in order to extract all the powder at once.

Step 5 - Clean it up!

At this point you should have quite a bit of dark green, somewhat crystalline sediment in the glass dish. In my case, the cheap acetone left a very distictly petroleum-y odor in the extract. I redissolved the extract in a small amount of everclear and then evaporated it to dryness once again. All traces of solvent taste and odor were now removed.

Guess what? This extract is a potent mu-opioid agonist and it is therefor VERY ADDICTIVE. Be intelligent and responsible with how you use this stuff. Yes, I'm talking to YOU, you irresponsible lush.

Scrape that shit up and enjoy! My yield was just shy of 4% of the original weight of the leaf. If you add heat, the extract will melt and become tacky making it difficult to scrape. You can cap it up and swallow it or smoke it on top of some other leafy material. I suggest you start with a 40mg dose or the equivalent of 1 gram of leaf. This stuff is very potent, and any tolerance to the leaf itself seems to have little effect on the tolerance to this extract.
From what I've gathered and how I understood it an A/B extraction would leave the 7-Hydroxymitragynin behind. Because it...

resists forming a salt even with strong acids, so you are selectively removing them with an a/b.

Sounds like an A/B wouldn't be the way to go then, right?
So far, so good...

That's about what the result of the above extraction looks like. It's greenish/brownish, sparkling stuff.


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