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questions about GVG

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hi everyone,

my GVG arrived recenty, so i am making the switch from the wooden one.
i ordered the VG liquid pad as well

do all of you push the liquid pad down through the first constriction?
how do you get it out when changing the pad?

when i let the pad just fall sits a bit wonky (with a screen underneath it sits really well) at the red line in the attached pic.

also i noticed that normal screens sit there pretty well.
would it be a good idea to use this spot for screens and changa as changa does need more heat?


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Yes, I just let the liquid pad (I am assuming you mean the silver concentrate pad) sit where the red line is in your picture. I then put freebase DMT on top of the pad, and then I put the top part back on.

The pad will not sit perfectly in there, but it should be pretty flat. I think it is loose so you can easily get it out - I had problems with different pieces in the past where I would jam similar things called health stones into pipes and was never able to get them back out. If you're using freebase, just make sure to hold it pretty upright and leave it upright before starting so none of it falls onto the screen.

I have never tried changa with the GVG, but I believe you could just put changa right onto the screen and then put the top part right on, with no concentrate pad needed.
I use two screens with changa and it works great.

I load the dmt freebase directly on the pad. I then heat the crystals slightly,by lightly hitting the pipe with a lighter to melt the dmt into the pad. When the pad has absorbed the dmt, the pipe is ready to send you to hyperspace. I have been able to get there in one huge hit using this method.

The trick is to have the pipe warm. What I found is that if I just hit the pipe cold, my breath would run out during inhalation, only consuming a small amount of dmt vapor on that first hit. Then I would have to take a second. If the pipe is warmed slightly I found I would begin to see vapor almost immediately after heating with a lighter, thus consuming pretty much all the dmt in one hit.

I hope I explained that ok. Just takes a little fine tuning at first. Once you get a good technique it's free sailing.
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