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The first time I experienced DMT, that is what I saw. The Feathered Serpent, Quetzalcoatl, call him what you will. Has anyone else experienced this creature?
I haven't had that vision but I'm curious as to what his demeanor seemed to be when you encountered him? Care to elaborate more on the experience?? It sounds pretty interesting.
Can't say I've had this either, but then I don't read much on the guy. I sometimes feel we read or hear about some 'entity' (maybe since Quetzcoatl gets lumped into this new age 2012 stuff) then have a vision, then associate that vision to something in our knowledge base.

Would also enjoy some further elaboration on your experience. Sounds interesting. :)
Yes! but on mushrooms, which have recently taken taken on a strange ayahuasca like quality.

First let me say that for years I've had a mild fascination with the plumed serpent, then I would forget about it for awhile. Well, I had decided to do a tile mosaic in this little outdoor courtyard area of my house. I spent the longest time trying to decide exactly what to put on the wall, then it finally popped into my head- Quetzalcoatl! I drew it all out on paper just the way I wanted it.

A couple days later a friend was having a poetry reading at his house and invited me over. While I was there I was kind of stunned when all these people started talking about the Mayan prophecy and the age of transformation and whatnot. It seemed to be the whole theme of the gathering. I've never really been taken in by these sorts of things and really didn't know much about it, but it still seemed like an odd coincidence.

I've been working with ayahuasca for several months now and while I haven't had Quetzalcoatl visions it has really opened me up and widened my horizons. I had recently used some mushrooms, the first I've had since discovering Aya. Oh my God, what a surprise, I was having the same visuals as I did with Aya. As much as I like them, I never even used to get visuals much at all with shrooms.

So while I'm shrooming, I thought it might be interesting to put on some trance drumming and see what happens. It was amazing. I felt the drum moving all around and through my body all the while enjoying beautifully flowing patterns and colors and then here comes the feathered serpent all shimmering with dazzling purple and turquoise. It stopped just above my head and started shaking it's feathers and then turned completely white and then moved on.

I'm sure the drumming helped but it was an actual aya-like vision and I was very happy to see Mr. Quetzalcoatl come streaming by.
Quetzal = feather of the quetzal bird = precious
Coatl = serpent = knowledge

The name means precious knowledge as well as quetzal-plumed serpent. That's why it was the title given to the two Aztec librarians/high-priests, because they held the precious knowledge.

Quetzalcoatl is believed to be a very old god featuring in most of the religions of the meso-american civilisations under various names spanning back to the Olmecs. Most practices dictated that this god opposes human sacrifice, and represents the earth. So I read.
I once ate hawaiian baby woodrose during the Aquarian new moon. That week I'd quit smoking, my dad installed vents in my room, my flu was just clearing up, was given a face sauna for sinuses, my uncle was in some wind storm in Australia - and then on the Thursday (the new moon) - there was a hurricane North from where I live and the wind was so strong it moved my windows and the whole trip revolved around Quetzalcoatl. Wind synchronicities :/ - was the most powerful experience of my life
practices dictated that this god opposes human sacrifice, and represents the earth.
a learned scholar informed me that Quetzalcoatl's adversary (whose name i can't remember it was such an Aztec toungetwister!)
was called either the "smoking mirror" or "left-handed sinister hummingbird"..

somehow Quetzalcoatl was killed/usuped or went into exile (perhaps having lost influence on most people through trickery),
promising to return from across the sea...

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