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Quick question regarding B. caapi tea

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Hello everyone. SWIM finally got around to preparing some caapi tea from 100g shredded he had left over. At this point, ~5.3L from three washes has reduced to less than 0.5L , and SWIM notices a lot of sediment collects at the bottom of the pot. SWIM didn't filter through cloth, only a fine strainer; this concerns him because he noticed and included into the tea several grams of powdered caapi left in the shredded vine's bag.

Should SWIM bother filtering at this point? I've read that you shouldn't filter the reduced tea because actives can collect in the precipitate layer. SWIM figures including some pulverized caapi with the drink might increase nausea or potentiate the purge... neither of which he wants to be the case.
I just filter it out. From 100g's you should have a good dose or 2. You can always try to desolve the bottom sediment in more water for a second helping.

I let mine sit in the fridge and decanted from the sediment and had one of the greatest experiences of my life x2 from 100g's caapi.
Thanks for the advice soulfood and deamsterphile. In the end laziness was the victor, and I didn't filter at all. It didn't seem to hurt anything, I only felt mild nausea which was expected anyway.
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