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quicker freebasing of fumerate salts

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could one simply dissolve their fumerate salts in water (adjusted to pH lets say 9ish-)
pull with 3 small amounts of DCM, perform a quick wash or two of the DCM with mildly basic h2o followed by evaporation?

Seems to me this would be alot faster then sitting around waiting for paste to dry

Or would this create a loss in yeild?
One could; but it literally takes 1-2 days for the paste to dry completely. even faster if placed on a radiator or in a dessicator with some moisture-absorbent bedding (like silica gel or anhydrous magnesium sulphate).

SWIM's FOAF has reportedly found the paste method to work much faster and with less hassle than by repeating the A/B process on the fumarates. But always hypothetically speaking, one could try both ways and see which one ho/she might prefer!
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