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Raw Cacao as a vasodilator for Yopo

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I have a strong relationship with cacao as a shamanic medicine, I lead ceremonies with it occasionally and also use it in my Dzogchen meditation practice. I am about to dive into the waters of Peregrina and have seen it mentioned somewhere that raw cacao might be an effective vasodilator for Yopo use.

Does anyone have any experience with this combination, a ceremonial or half ceremonial dose of cacao (28-45g) and an insufflated dose of yopo??
i dont, but i make both yopo and rapé with cacao, and my inner scientist is jumping around with the idea of combining some good cacao into the yopo snuff 😁 personally, i believe that cacao has a good sinergetic effect with most of the jungle medicines.
oh wow, you have added Cacao to a snuff mix? color me very intrigued. I eat good organic nibs almost every day but never thought of insufflating!
It intuitively seems to make sense. Cacao is a really amazing ally. LSD is much much more navigable with it, and the vasodilation is definitely part of that. I only snuffed yopo once and didnt think to take cacao. Bufotenine is definitely a super intense vasoconstricter and made me feel like I was extra dying.

Burnt cacao leaves are used in Virola snuffs, and an alcoholic cacao liquor is also used by some shamans. Check this out.
yes I have a lot of experience combining Anadenanthera colubrina snuffs and smoked extracts with cacao. I have written about that elsewhere..somewhere..

Here it is. This is from 6 years ago keep in mind, and many of my thoughts on bufotenine and the anandenanthera snuffs has changed.

Jonathan Ott is really the best resource on Cacao, especially in relation to it's use in virola snuffs.

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