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Re: 1st time problems

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hello everyone, new person here.

I've been reading all the posts i can find but can't figure out where SWIM went wrong on first MHRB extraction.
SWIM thinks they followed Noman's DMT for the Masses as specified, using: caustic soda(roebic draind cleaner) VM&P naptha, all suggested equipment and 60g of BBB(just read that they're no good) MHRB high quality inner root. Ground it well(powdered), mix lye(60g) and water(900ml) as specified, let sit 1 hr(65 min to be exact), added 60ml naptha( unheated and turned end over end for 1 min, repeated twice, seperated, placed in jar, and repeated again to get 4 jars total. increased time with each jar(5min, 10min, 30min, 12hrs) clear layer of naptha on top each time. Didn't evaporate, just put jars in freezer(on max) let freeze 9hrs, nothing distigushable remained except frost around jars, drop or so worth of frozen lye/water mixture, that came off accidently during seperation and settled at bottom of jar(in 2 of the jars)naptha was cloudy, small, very light yellowish frost layer on bottom of jar and nothing floating inside, when filtered and so far in drying, nothing remained. Where, oh where did SWIM go wrong?

oh yeah, if BBB is no good, then who is?

appreciate any help.
"Didn't evaporate, just put jars in freezer(on max) let freeze 9hrs..."

I think you just need to evaporate about 30- 50% of the naphtha first (get a fan on it), and then freeze it. Too little dmt in a whack of naphtha will not precipitate out, so never throw out the naphtha.!

I would say just evaporate all you got, and watch what forms ! Naphtha is usually cheap like borscht, so given it's your first time at this, why not just skip all the fiddling with freezer precip..?
I'd basify a bit more, perhaps another 20g or so of lye, then add 200ml of warm naphtha.

Shake it (not too hard, not too soft, just enough to get lots of naphtha bubbles) to form a pseudo emulsion and leave it overnight. If the pH is high enough, it should seperate even if an emulsion does form.

Then take all 200ml of naphtha, put it in a jar (be very careful not to get ANY lye mixture up, at ALL) and evaporate it down to 50ml or so (double boil it on low). Then cap, and freeze precip.

Almost guaranteed to get stuff out ;)
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