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Re-ex experiments and what to do next?

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Hope this is the right place.

Re-x experiemnts of a combined 3216mg of mhrb extract. The original product was pretty decent looking yellow/orange powdery xtals. Smokable as it was. The need to experiment was greater than the need to smoke.

Results right to left in attached photo:

652mg of very white xtals from a hot naphtha freeze precip being careful not to include any orange oil

238mg spike xtals from a hot naphtha evap being careful not to include any orange oil

704mg of lumpy brown residue from a naphtha evap that was allowed to contain the orange oil/liquid at the bottom of the solution

1366mg of thick brown cake from an orange oil/liquid retaining freeze precip

Also produced a small jar of IsoP that was used to clean up all the glassware which should probably contain at least 100mg of residues. The numbers dont quite add up so I assume there was some wastage here and there through out the day although wont know for sure until the clean up solvent evaps.

Both the brown solids seem to sparkle with DMT xtals

Also attached a closer shot of each product.

So what do we have here? What should be done next? Any advise or knowledge would be most welcome.

I didn't want to throw away the orangey oil as Ive read about keeping more than just the pure DMT molecule in the product creating different experiences.



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You could start experimenting with different methods of freeze precipitation in order to obtain the biggest crystals you can.

Doing things like transferring what needs to be precipitated into a smaller vessel and alternating between the fridge and freezer should be a good place to start.

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Thanks Void, that would be fun. Ordered some heptane for this kind of thing but still waiting for delivery :)

Should I do something more to the brown stuff of just try smoking it? I'm guessing it not dangerous to smoke but perhaps a lot less pure and more weight required for similar effect?

I'm new to this and I honestly dont even really know what I've got here. Hoping a keen eye would be able to educate me.
Ok so there is no benefit to keeping the brown stuff as it is? No betacarbolines or any other useful stuff in there? The only wise move is to draw as much pure DMT molecules as possible? That's kind of what I'm getting at.

Need a better camera but here is one xtal from last few days playing.


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So I read the polymer thread, thank you.

By luck seemed to find a way to quite quickly and easily extract clean DMT out of the orange oil. Every cycle of this method the orange oil got smaller in volume and darker in colour until it was possible to remove an almost black lump out of the glassware.

Amazing that this tiny lump distributed over ~2000mg changed the overall colour so much.

This was the black residue that was left of the orange oil.

I know I keep asking rookie questions but is this a waste product or is it still somehow useful?


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What was the quick and easy method you used? You can't tease like that :lol:

I'm not sure if that'll be active, though it's possible that there's some alkaloid content there. I'm paranoid, so tend to dispose of anything outside the color range I prefer. It's usually small amounts of what you've shared. Hopefully someone else can weigh in with a better answer.

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Using a setup something like this. The bowl has boiling water in. The jar with the brown gunky oil sits in the middle. Cold naphtha put in 3.5ml at a time and stirred with a wooden cocktail stick. Then pippeted the naptha out onto the shallow evap dish with a fan blowing constantly on it. Taking care not to suck up the oil.

Each time, 8-10 cycles, this was repeated the gunk seemed to reduce in size and darken in colour. Kept the water at boiling with top ups.

It seemed like the cold naphtha rapidly solidified the hot gunky oil each time it went in and then as it was stirred into a liquid again as the naphtha warmed up the change became apparent. At some point all that was left was a small amount of very dark gunk.

The evap dish was dry within 20 mins and offered some very fine, dense powder. A very light, hyper-yellow tint.


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