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Reading. Logically & Imaginative.

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We have all been there, reading the newspaper or more importantly studying a book before your exam start. As you read over the words the mind wanders of to a totally different space. As you are trying to read something which might bore you a little bit so trying to focus more on the words might be a solution. Generally speaking a disadvantage can be turned into an advantage when you know what to do with it.
So logically you are reading the letters and the words and the sentences then construct an image in your mind, a scene and story starts to follow. I've noticed that because of the amount of creativity that the mind has and distractions from things that you already know.
What did i do to enhance my reading skills?
I developed a style in reading, I read a sentence and the words that i read create a mental image which can be static but i prefer a flowing/dynamic. So that when you read the text you are not only absorbing the words as memory but also you create a visual stimuly (all be it mental) about the topic. This can be done to create a more clear understanding of what you are reading also i believe it enhances your learning ability.
Moreover its a playfull type of reading, this is what i found usefull in boring subjects you are reading and or are distracted easily.
It will add a little 'fun' to the reading skill because you are not limited by one dimension of understanding. What i am trying to say is that you combine (integrate) that which you are reading (the new) with the old memory (past memory).
Have fun with it and see what you can do to enhance your reading experience.

There are 5 senses, also we feel emotions and construct logical thinking.

Ability to use and read symbols is the intellect. Ability to create and render imaginative scene, is intelligence. Were just reading math book. And it says, best approach to mathemathics is engineering approach. Possibly, the intelligent person and intellectual are different. So to get good Intelligence Quotient score. Thanks for the thread.
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