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Reading the book \ Reading in the book

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I want to share a strange experience that happens to me here and there ,,

At many diffrent times usually while in influenced mind state

i find myself losing focus after reading for a while looking at a large texted page if on web or page

most the times theres nothing to be learnt from it but at those other times this turns into a real
trippy experience

ill try to explain to the best i can

this is mostly about letting the unconsious mind work

to start one might read a whole page of text or choose not to

||i myself find not reading the page would lead to more intresting communication from the book

after looking at the page for a while one should start with a word , and just jump to another one
on a completly diffrent line and try to build up a sentence from it

the combination could be longer then one word at a time

one might find himself reading a word here 3 words there and then a whole line

this creates at some times a part of story that would not of been seen by any other way

at times one might get to a level after going over a page many times
that the unconcious leads one to words already written that he already chose that might complete the sentence in a very intresting way || on the other hand it might force one to words already written that just sound like they complete the sentence .

at a point where one already remembers to much of the page it is likely reccomended to bring in some fresh text

i can say there is more in the page then top to bottom reading

i am writing this after this experience happened to me a few days back and i recalled it happned many times before but for some reason i kept on forggeting about it and not experiencing it again for a long time

i geuss a part of it is choosing a book where you would find intresting volcobulary and words that you might not even know is a big add

as english is not my native language this truly adds to the experience

all spaced out while this happens i find myself
going into realizations of many thing the unconsious has wandering around

i find myself laughing at times from the way things connect in such a strange way
no doubt its an experience most enjoyable

as i wrote in the title books i think provide the best choise for this experiment

hope one would have a trippy experience from this idea as simple as it is another try will never hurt

would be glad to hear others have experienced this intresting
the concept of "emergence" came to my mind reading your post.

it describes the "more than the sum of its parts" section in your post.
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