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N,N-Dimethyltryptamine is relevant and valuable to three parts of my life. These are psychoactive drug use, spirituality, and hobbies. By discussing the role of DMT in each of these areas, I hope to show that the DMT-Nexus is a good place for me and that I am a good person for it.

My psychoactive drug use and DMT​

Since I started using psychoactive drugs, I’ve had an outlook about the relationship between myself and these substances. I always saw psychoactive drugs as a way to find new perspectives, reflect on myself, enhance creativity, or as a way to control which parts of my personality were hidden or shown to others. My foremost intention in using a drug was rarely just to get high. However, there was one huge exception: I smoked cannabis for no reason other than to get high. I became severely addicted to cannabis for five years. It was a total nightmare. I tried to get sober countless times and failed again and again.

Just before my senior year of college, a force beyond my comprehension came to me and removed the disease of addiction from me. I had tried DMT in high school and did it several times in college. I experienced awesome and profound things, but after having a DMT trip sophomore year in which I experienced my entire body being on fire, I decided to take a long break from DMT. Three years later, roughly a year before I wrote this essay, a friend offered me some changa. I had an incredible trip in which a canine deity gave me much needed knowledge that I had been searching for. After that trip, I became dedicated to doing more DMT. A few months later, I extracted and have been using DMT regularly since then.

The way I use DMT is nearly the opposite of my cannabis use, except that the only reason I use DMT is to get high on its effects. I only smoked cannabis for the “cannabis experience” and I only smoke DMT for the “DMT experience.” I discovered that DMT could heal me in the ways that I so very wrongly thought cannabis could. Cannabis was the worst drug for me. I am grateful beyond words that DMT became my drug of choice after I quite cannabis because DMT is the best drug for me.

My Spirituality and DMT​

I was finally released for addiction when I became able to say honestly that I believe in god. I was an atheist child and an agnostic teenage. When I was trying to get sober, I desperately wanted to have faith in something like god. It took a lot of trial-and-error, but I finally found a way to trick my brain into believe in god. That belief penetrated and destroyed the disease of addiction in my mind, body and soul.

After the experience of attaining faith and sobriety, I recognized that my spirit is just as much a part my self as my mind and body. I need to be in touch with my spirit, meet its needs, and take what I need from it. DMT is a magic train ride into a world where my spirit and I can interact directly. This connection sparks insight, and sometimes I take away true and profound emotions and learnings from a single trip. Furthermore, if use DMT often enough over a period of time, my base-level mind can feel spirit my spirit get stronger, helping me see myself and the world clearly, and guiding my decisions.

I still know very little about my spirituality and I am hungry to learn more. DMT can be the greatest teacher and I am grateful for it’s teachings. DMT has put me on a path that I searched long and hard for. It will take much more than using DMT to traverse this path, but if I every step off it, I trust that DMT will help me find my way back.

I, The Hobbyist, and DMT​

I wouldn't call using DMT a hobby, but extracting and processing DMT is an awesome hobby for me because A: I love using DMT and B: I’m naturally drawn and towards pharmacology, (bio)chemistry, molecular biology, and the history of the indigenous peoples of South and Central America. With DMT, I love reading and learning and doing the work. I’ve studied the sciences extensively and it is very exciting to put that knowledge into practice. DMT has been a big part of my life for the last six months and my interest only grows and grows. I am incredibly excited to have found such a massive and rich community of DMT enthusiasts.

In conclusion, I believe I should be made a full member of the DMT-Nexus because I have a healthy passion for DMT and many related topics. I believe I will make good contributions and have a very positive relationship with the DMT-Nexus.
Additionally: I really want to become a full member so I can join in the open discussion section. This section is the most harmonious intersection of science and philosophy I have found on the internet. I love to contemplate the kind of questions I see in the open discussion and I'm extremely excited to be a full member in the future so I can join in these conversations.
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