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reassurance for a 1st timer?

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swim has been reading up on dmt for quite some time but has just now got the balls to order some mhrb and do an extraction.. well, he got the bark this afternoon but he has some burning questions.. will the powdered bark work in the lazy man's tek? i hope so, because he wants to do it this way first to kinda get familiar with the extraction process.. he has 1/2 lb and is going to perform the extration just like this 1/2lb of rootbark POWDER in bowl in seperate vessel, dissolve 100g (6.5 tbs) of lye in 1 liter of water stir the lye water into the bark bowl, stir 5 minutes, let sit for 2 hours or longer after settled, add 250ml room temp naptha, stir in for 30 minutes or so let mixture settle, siphon off the naptha layer into seperate container pour naptha into long, flat glass dish (swim will use casserole dish) scrape up resulting spice (knock on wood BIGTIME) a couple quereys though.. should swim check the ph of the lye water before he puts it in the bark? if so, would pool strip testers work? its all he has access to.. also, will the powdered rootbark settle to the bottom if it sits a while before i pull the naptha off the top, or is filtering required? and finally, can i re extract from the used bark soup by doing the naptha step again? any help is GREATLY appreciated.. ive done plenty of reading believe me, but these are my few unawnsered questions.. i hate to bother, but i know yall are damn good at what you do, and if theres any place to seek advice, this is definently it! THANK YOU in advance..
You can do as many extractions as you want. After a certain point it won't be worth it though. I would evaporate the naptha about halfway down and do a freeze precipitate, it gives much better results that a mass evaporation.
ahhhh i see what you mean.. so ill use 2 litres i reckon.. what im hoping is that all the rootbark will settle after agitation, if it sits for a good few hours.. i got all the time in the world, and im just gonna be really really patient and mythodical about it.. as far as the lye, would 9 tablespoons be overkill? i guess checking the ph isint very crucial for this tek? on paper, it sounds like an absolute simpleton could do this, but as far as me, we'll just have to see :D if the rootbark settles to the bottom, i think ill be good to go.. i cant find lye annnnnnnyyyyyywhere.. i work at a home improvement warehouse and we dont have it there.. guess its ebay time.. thank you guys for the advice i really appreciate it!!
If you've time, I'd suggest adding straight water to your bark first and leaving it 24 hours, then adding your premixed lye mixture, obviously with the amounts adjusted accordingly.Not sure, but I think it probably helps having the bark nice and hydrated.Plus, your in effect running a mild acid extact with no effort or cost.
very good advice yall... i already feel so much more prepared to tackle this head on.. here is my revised recipie, thanks to you very very helpful folks.. 3500 ml water 225 grams of lye (about 15 tablespoons, correct?) about 300 ml? room temp naptha Noman, if i wait for the bark to settle down to the bottom, then add the naptha, wont the 30 minutes of stirring kick the powder back up in the naptha? maybe its at this point where i should filter out the powder and set it aside.. or, just stir it very slow and not drag the stirring device around in the powder.. any suggestions? yall have been so helpful and i appreciate it!!
[quote:eb2c5abd37="DrunkyDaBear"]if i wait for the bark to settle down to the bottom, then add the naptha, wont the 30 minutes of stirring kick the powder back up in the naptha?[/quote:eb2c5abd37] No, at that point the powder won't mix with the naptha any more than water would.
awesome.. thank you noman! that was my one big question :) im going to order the lye today or tomorrow.. 97% will suffice i assume.. thanks for all your help guys, ill definently post results, whatever they may be, when i carry it out
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