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Receptorome study: how traditional Ayahuasca & snuffs differ from dmt

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Just to throw a little anecdote I've shared before, regarding the "shamans dont smoke dmt", I once gave some DMT to an amazonian shaman (pajé ) and he loved it! He asked for more to bring to his 90 year old father, but unfortunately I didn't more at the time. He said he had a vision which was the continuation of a trip he had when he was 13 years old. He def gave his blessing to it and considered it a spiritual tool.

Of course thats just one anecdote, and it's important to note that there is no homogeneity among indigenous cultures, spiritual leaders or anything of the sort. What one may say, the other may disagree. And even if they all agreed, it wouldn't necessarily mean they are right. Me personally, I think oral DMT/ayahuasca lends itself much better as a tool for personal development, but I think vapped DMT may have its place in specific moments as a part of an exploratory process we can go through. Whether that has anything to do with receptor agonism, I don't know, I suspect there are other factors at play which are significant, like duration of experience, for starters.
Sublingual Ayahuasca Journey #57 (5-20-2022)

Post #421 on page 22 with several pics Journal: 50 Sublingual | <span style="frontcolor:pink !Important ;">High Pobability of Braindamage by Creepy non tested Drugs (forced by scammer 69ron)</span> | DMT Ayahuasca journeys over a years time - Pharmahuasca - Welcome to the DMT-Nexus Yesterday 5-20-2022, at 3pm, I used 300mg pure THH orally 45 minutes before, then 30mg harmine mixed with 120mg dmt all on a single spoon with (30 x 7 = 210mg HPBCD) + (120 x 7 = 840mg HPBCD) = 1050mg total HPBCD mixed and crushed back and forth on the spoon for 2 minutes using the end of another spoon with 10 drops boiling hot water, placed bottom side of tongue onto spoon, it all adhered as HPBCD forms sticky complexes, studies show HPBCD complexed freebase drugs increase absorption sublingually x 400 percent, held under tongue for 15 minutes, viewed incredible CEV's for 1 hour...

....this time the geometries skipped and went straight to realistic visions: I viewed incredibly beautiful women morphing into other beautiful women, all neon colored, these women changed into nearly 20 different women, completely naked and with animated face changes, infinite beauty, mind blowing CEV's...like the most incredible cartoon renderings of the most beautiful women, they even had geometric swirling pastels on the surface of their bodies...completely blown away. I usually use this at least once a week, just incredible. When I say animated, these women smiled and blew kisses and moved into all different positions...like watching a movie. They made intimate eye contact and communicated via physical motions. This was a +5 Shulgin level experience, this felt like direct communication and receiving of important artistic creative feelings and insights into the feminine domain.

I recorded this journey as one of the most visual of my entire life, never have I seen an hour's worth of beautiful women morphing into other women, with swirling geometric pastel patterns on their naked bodies, communicating physically, this is an artist's dream come true, way beyond 4k, visual detail astounding. I had headphones on, and the music sounded as if I had taken a strong bridgesii cactus tea (18" of bridgesii or around 500mg of mescaline), profound music enhancement, just heavenly, powerful spiritual insights, infinite open eyed beauty and neon colors splashed on all the walls, very powerful experience, it was so strong I started to feel the sublingual harmine/dmt starting to work in only 10 minutes, incredible blast off, lasted 1.5 hour with very strong trip, with 1 full hour of powerful closed eye visions as stated above. Zero nausea, zero dizziness, zero anxiety, fast comeup, had not used THH or DMT in two weeks, this may explain the powerful realistic visions.

The harmine and dmt needs to be taken mixed together and held under tongue at the EXACT SAME TIME, just as the Shaman's do for the most powerful experience, the harmine also helps masks the mild sting of the HPBCD DMT, it is actually comfortable under the tongue, and the sting becomes extremely mild with the harmine helping to mask.

For me, with every sublingual Ayahuasca journey, a higher level of consciousness is awake at one with being, beyond thought and the mind: the realization that all the things that truly matter - the spiritual, beauty, love, creativity, joy, inner peace - arise from beyond the mind, each journey awakens me and teaches me how to access this level of consiousness in everyday practice, to be the observer of the thinker, to rise above thought, a sense of stillness and peace, to be fully present in the moment, to feel the subtle emanation of joy arising from deep within: the joy of Being.

Pics for welcome guests (post #10): https://mycotopia.net/topic/111790-...bcd-dmt-ayahuasca-journeys-over-a-years-time/

Pic1: top to bottom: 300mg pure white tetrahydroharmine (THH) taken orally x 45 minutes before, 30mg harmine freebase, 120mg DMT freebase, 1050mg total HPBCD to complex the harmine (30mg harmine x 7 = 210mg HPBCD + 120mg dmt x 7 = 840mg HPBCD, total = 1050mg HPBCD) in 10 drops boiling hot water from a nearby coffee mug all on a single spoon.

Pic2: 30mg harmine + 120mg DMT + 1050mg HPBCD all getting ready to be mixed and mashed together on a single spoon for 2 minutes using 10 drops boiling hot water from a nearby microwaved coffee mug. Also shown at top: 300mg pure white THH in a weigher which was taken orally x 45 minutes before hand.

Pic3: This is the 30mg harmine + 120mg DMT + 1050mg HPBCD all mixed together for 2 minutes in 10 drops boiling hot water, mixed and mashed it hard back and forth using muscles, this is how scientist prepare these complexes, by kneading...then held lighter 1" away under spoon for 20 seconds, then mixed contents x 10 seconds more after light heating...this light heating guarantees the final complexing of all the ingredients, then placed tongue onto spoon, it all adhered, held for 15 minutes in sublingual mucosa, started to work strongly in only 10 minutes. Took 300mg pure tetrahydroharmine or THH orally 45 minutes before beginning the sublingual. This resulted in +5 Shulgin level life changing strength journey, extremely visual & music enhancing.
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