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Recrystallisation problems... how long to completley dry?

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Hiya folks, Ive run into some trouble with my teeny friend. He is trying to aquire some DMT (he's a spice elf) from acacia maideni and tested out a small batch. much to his annoyance, the final crystals are forming, however after 24hrs of continuous fanning with his little elf fan, the crystals are still (very fine crystals, was a quik evap process of only about 2 hrs he said) oily from the naptha (shellite). He said his fully sik and hecktik majic elf thermometer detects they are around 22 degrees C so they arent melted. some crystals are forming but they still have ALOT of drying to do... His main gripe to me was that these crystals are really nice and white... clear and no noticible colouration which is dissapointing because he has no idea how long they should take to dry and therefore no idea on when he can try them. there arent many of them (crystals that is), maybe enough for one trip through hyperspace that are spread over a large glass, special elf baking pan. can anyone pls let me know how long this should take to recrystalise or if at all why its not happening? im getting tired of his anxiety... much appreciate any help! (the tek he said he used was lex's tek) cheers guys!
First I would say to evap a small amount of the solvent you used in a dish to see if it evaps cleanly. If it does, then most like the gooey crystals and there refusal to fully crystallize is probably due to some plant fats/tannins. If your solvent did in fact evap cleanly with no residue, you should be able smell that characteristic indole smell. It should not smell at all like solvent. If this is the case I would recrystallize ALL of the crystals and oily-goo with heptane. Or... you can just scrape some up and take 3 tokes, you'll see what youve really got that way. edit : I should also add that there have been a number of time that SWIM has let solvent sit for up to 4 days in order for the crystals to entirely form and dry. The solvent evapped after about a day, but it took 2-3 more to allow thorough drying. It was well worth it though.
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