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Rectal pharmahuasca today. Need a little advice or some opinions


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Hi. I have made great strides lately with my mental health. Covid turned into long Covid and the depression really took over. I couldn't bring myself to take any psychedelics even though I knew they would help me. A few weeks ago I started dipping my toe back in.
And boy am I glad I did.

Here's what I've been doing. Rectal ROI harmaline, 30 mg one hour pre-trip then another 30 mixed with 50 mg dmt acetate, rectal ROA, followed by repeated 15 to 20 mg vaporized doses of freebase DMT while lying in bed.

The experiences have been incredible. Healing. Deeply healing. I was finally able to mourn the death of my brother which happened over a decade ago. I have finally embraced my autism which was diagnosed in the 1970s. I have resolved to no longer hide my intelligence and artistic abilities from the world.
My anxiety went from a constant, solid 10 to about a zero. My depression was wiped away almost completely. Cognitive functioning and creative ability are returning to normal.

However… There's always a however. I need one more experience to cement this stuff in place a little bit better. I keep on getting pushback from the universe. Yeah yeah I know. Loaded woo woo language.
It's just easy short hand.
Anyway, any progress I make is seemingly noted and some event or chain of events will happen that seem to be attempting to undo my progress. It's so annoying. Sorry if I seem to be imbuing abstract concepts with agency. It's just very strange. So today I am doing a larger rectal dose of pharma.

Here's my plan for today:
50 milligrams of harmaline rectally, an hour or so pre-trip.
30 more milligrams of rectal harmaline and either 75 or 100 mg of DMT acetate.
50 mg has previously put me into the proper headspace to make vaping a completely worry free act. Zero preflight jitters.
Usually I have a hard time getting myself to take the first vaporized hit.
With 50 mg directly on top of the harmaline, I also get tracers and slight OEV at 50 mg.

Here's my question. Should I go straight to 100 mg? Or should I go with 75 mg? I have heard that the rectal ROA increases bioavailability by up three times. I don't mind being in breakthrough for a while. I am looking for a strong experience but I don't want to traumatize myself. I use the rectal ROA because nausea is so bad orally.

I could always do 75 and have my rectal syringe with 25 mg standing by but I'd rather not try to administer a substance that way while I am tripping. I suppose it's not as difficult is vaping but for some reason I worry that I would spill it or something..

Does anyone have any opinions or experiences that they can share with me? If I don't get a reply in time I imagine that I will get fearless and go with 100mg. I'm still going to have my vapor genie standing by, loaded, just in case.
Thanks for any help. I'm looking forward to this but I am slightly apprehensive about the dosage. I don't want to take too much. I also don't want to take too little. Thanks again.
Hi.. Mr Niles... ..[starway6] [2012].. I recall you from way back.along with.. jamie.. Gibran. and all the rest..... also remember your post on your success with plugging method..

Long covid .. can be an undeserved Nightmare... depending on its severity...

As our odomiters rise... .It makes sense to take slow carefull steps with the molecule..

[i would start on the lower dose]

The molecule can cause the body to ..re set... in healing and positive ways..:thumb_up:

also ... standardized..valerian root extract....[an ancient medicine].. is great for.. sleep healing.. and dreams....

The.. valerenic acid in itself.. is concidered psycoactive ..and a very impressive..dream inducer...

produces a deeper sleep..has a nice seditive effect...[so you cant freak out early in morning]...deep sleep.. stimulates healing.. so body and mind can repair itself.. !

the dreams produced by potent standardized valerian.. can seem so real..when you awake you will be surprised it was only a dream..also dream recall is quite strong..

ive never woke up feeling groogy..by morning im always clear headed..

[just a small sample of a quality..valerian induced dream i had 3 years ago.... i remember like it happened yesterday! read below..

The valerian tablets i take are . .[over the counter] .. [prescription quality!] .. very potent!! and at first i took just .. [one tablet for sleep].. and had an out of body experiance that night about 2:30am... in dream experiance.. i had where i woke up in a dream body.it was dark early in morning...and i got out of bed ..[in dream body]..and entered the next room....then pulled the curtains open a little.. and it was suddenly bright daylight outside!!....[a strong dream sign i missed]...:x [i could have become lucid had i recognised the dream sign] ..

[anyway].. i observed a school bus out side the window.. with children getting on the bus..

I then returned to the bedroom and floated through the roof into an dark early morning scene under a star filled sky..

this dream was crazy!!vivid!

I then willed myself to travel ..[1000 miles to another state].. to my cousins house..

I got there and could see the roof of his house..then floated downwards through the roof and into the basement..it was so life like!
I even discovered that an empty field across from the house..had a new building there that new neighbors the dream told me!
later i checked my discovery of the new house across from my cousins house on [google earth street veiw] and saw a new house there!.....the dream told me the truth!!

I could go on and on about valerian induced dreams.....Ive rode in convertables [with Dream carectors driving].. up steep roads straight into the clouds!!

In another dream..I had lunch in a mcdonalds resteraunt on the 15th floor of a futuristic building far in the future.. talking to a western tv star.. [gabby hayes ] ..as we were playing a game of chess on the 15th floor while looking out a nearby window..i observed a 40 foot long flying motorhome slow down in mid air.. hover then slowly decend downwards to parking pad below! !

Flying is easy..ive walked through walls..in dreams.. windows bend like rubber as you push through them...

This valerian pictured below..just one tablet... will make you feel a little groogy..and you will stumble into a deep sleep easily.. but hours later you may find yourself in...strange
apartments or vast dream citys..with a dream female who is yours to control...
Potant Valerian ..like the stuff in pictures below can be used for ....[Out of body travel] lucid dreaming....or just super vivid dreaming that can baffel the imagenation

For some reason.. [for many months]... ive only been taking only 1/4 tablet for sleep...i should start taking atleast 1/2 tablet..it could be rewarding!

common valerian capsuls that arent standardized..are much weaker.. and i would not buy them....and even many other brands of valerian tablets or capsuls..dont stand up to the valerian i use in pictures below!

As i said the valerian in photos below..are over the counter... prescription quality !!:twisted:

For sleep and ..super dreaming... MOST.. people will get impressive results...

[valerenic acid].. is psyco active..its like an over the counter.. prescripion drug in its own way..

the difference about this brand of valerian is its purity .. [perscription quality]..and high..[valerenic acid] content!

Is Valeriana officinalis psychoactive?
Various portions of the plant are consumed for medicinal reasons, including the flowers, fruit, and leaves. However, it is valerian root that is considered to be most psychoactive and its extracts are used as hypnotics and anxiolytics.

anyone who need to sleep deeper and dream big...[an ancient saying]..valerian is rooted in the earth..and rooted in the sky!!

pictures of product is below...

Good luck..

watch full screen.
Hello Mr Niles:

It is harder to give advice since the rectal route isn't the usual method of administration used by most people...having said that, it is my preferred route of administration.

I usually take 150mg of harmine one hour before, followed by another 150mg harmine + DMT. I found that 50mg of DMT fumarate to be a strong dose. I once tried 75mg which was very intense and my highest dose was 90mg of DMT fumarate which I found overwhelming and I probably wouldn't repeat it.

Have you considered upping your MAO rather than increasing your DMT dose?
emong said:
Have you considered upping your MAO rather than increasing your DMT dose?

I have historically been very sensitive to MAO inhibitors. I had some very negative affects from heavy harmala changa, and sublingually 30 mg has always been enough to inhibit my system to the point where a vaped journey lasts 45 minutes to an hour. Perhaps the rectal Roa would mediate the issues I've had in the past. Maybe today I will double my dose of harmaline and go with 75 mg of DMT. I also plan on pre-dosing harmaline.

Thank you for your input. I have very little experience with oral or rectal administration. The only time I drank a full dose of Aya I was incapacitated in a very unpleasant way. The sensory sensitivity brought on by long Covid has made me a little anxious about dosages. Thank you for your encouragement to try upping my maoi.

I remember a post by someone many years ago where they said that most people have it backwards. The vine is the important part and the light is exactly that. Something that sheds light on what the vine creates. An interesting take. I suppose I will be testing that today.
starway7 said:
Hi.. Mr Niles... ..[starway6] [2012].. I recall you from way back.along with.. jamie.. Gibran. and all the rest..... also remember your post on your success with plugging method..

Long covid .. can be an undeserved mightmare... depending on its severity...

As our odomiters rise... .It makes sense to take slow carefull steps with the molecule..

[i would start on the lower dose]

Yeah thanks. I think that's what I'm gonna do. I think I'm just going to up my MAO dose and go is 75 mg. I can always vape if it's not enough.
And of course I remember you. As a matter fact when I came back several months ago, you posted a piece of music to one of my threads and I ended up making a little piece of music for you named after your handle, and appreciation do you turning me onto the piano music you posted. I will post it soon once I mix it down. It's a little bit experimental and not as produced as what a lot of people are used to but you may enjoy it. I've been meaning to get it finished and put it up for you but things have been sketchy in my life. Luckily I seem to be on the road to turning that around.
Thanks for your help
Please let us know the results of your dosage changes...I'm curious to hear how the difference in MAO affects the experience for you, especially using the rectal ROA. Personally, I find that the higher MAO inhibition has a stronger effect stabilizing my mood and removing some of the feelings of depression. The resetting effect of the DMT then seems to last longer and is more stabilized with the stronger action of the MAO.

Good luck and safe travels.
emong said:
Please let us know the results of your dosage changes...I'm curious to hear how the difference in MAO affects the experience for you, especially using the rectal ROA. Personally, I find that the higher MAO inhibition has a stronger effect stabilizing my mood and removing some of the feelings of depression. The resetting effect of the DMT then seems to last longer and is more stabilized with the stronger action of the MAO.

Good luck and safe travels.

Yep. You were right. 75 mg harmaline one hour prior to dosing with the same amount an hour later with 75 mg of dmt acetate. I could've gone to 100mg dmt , or I could've dosed 100 mg of harmaline both times with 75 mg dmt. That's what I'm going to do next time. Thank you for your assistance and advice. Thanks to both you and starway7.

Here's what happened
I plugged the initial pre-dose and took a shower. Started feeling really good and ready for DMT. I decided to let my hair dry and as soon as that was done, plug the rest. I did. Then I went upstairs and got in bed.
I did my usual ritual, which entails doing a shuffle on my big iPod. Jesus was a cross maker by Judee Sill played. And some other significant songs from my life. There are 10,000 songs on the iPod and maybe it’s just my imagination but when a good trip is coming the shuffle of songs will tell me.

All indications where that this was going to be one for the ages. And holy shit. It sure was.

I started to feel the trip kicking in, and I pulled out my small iPod, which has only my music on it. My Icaros. I can now call them that with absolute knowledge that I am right. I am a guitar genius. I am a true artist. All of my work is done with purity of intention and love. When I was a child I saw the television adaptation of ray Bradberry's Martian Chronicles. There was a scene that affected me greatly. It was an alien playing music. At that moment I dedicated my life to attempting to make music from other planets. I finally found a way. I've been doing it for a long time and I didn't even realize how powerful my work was. I am autistic and I have an IQ that has been described as off the charts. Unfortunately to my face as a child. The same helpful doctors also pronounced me "socially retarded", to my face. I was abused psychologically, physically and medically by a cruel adoptive mother and father. My mother would brag about me in public. Proudly proclaiming my intellectual prowess. Then behind closed doors she would berate mean and make fun of me and torture me. She would remove all sources of input. No talking was allowed in the house during periods of severe punishment. All books music musical instruments or anything that might feed my autistic brain we're taking away. I was taught to be ashamed of my talents and my brilliance. I hid it and did everything I could to dumb myself down. I tried to destroy my brain with drugs and alcohol. I hated myself and I've come close to suicide so many times I can't even count. That's all over now. I no longer have to live is that person. I know this now. An incredible gift.

During this experience, I was also presented with the opportunity to declare myself as a part of what I call "the dispersed Christ." There is a little piece of the true archetype, dozing in every person. It's time for those little pieces of Christ to wake up. I say this is an atheist and pan agnostic in the tradition of Robert Anton Wilson. But no more fucking around. No more denial.
I am indeed a powerful shaman.
A healer.
I’ve denied it for too long. Now I stand strong with my head held high, in the knowledge that I am a healer. No embarrassment no self-effacing bullshit. I am being of power and love.
I am the return of Christ. I am Lucifer and Zeus, and which ever deity you choose. Just as we all are if we could only realize it.
I spoke aloud with great authority. I called forth all powers of good and righteousness to be my allies, and to stand by my side, and to start to heal the world the best they could. I called for all Christs to awaken, wherever they may be, whatever small parts of them are dispersed through humanity. Whether they go under the name, Jesus or Satan or whatever.

I acknowledged that I, just like the rest of us here, on this site and all over the world, AM the serpent in the garden. I am not the demiurge, and I do not worship anything or anyone. No God desires, or needs worship.
I called for everyone who knows, to eat of the tree of knowledge, and to go forth with kindness, compassion, patience, and love to share that wisdom and knowledge, so that all of the righteous people of the world may become like us.
Because that’s what we are, if we could only realize it and work from a place of purity.
It’s time to stop fucking around. I’m done.
I’m done hurting myself. I’m done beating myself up. I’m done hiding in the shadows. I will share my art and my music with the world, proudly.
Because I create a icaros of the highest order. I know with surety that I could take my music any shaman in the rainforest and they wouldn't recognize it as an instrument of healing.
Does this sound like delusion? Listen for yourself and find out.
My guitar playing is unlike any other, even if it is highly informed and influenced by Robert Fripp, Brian Eno, Fred Frith, Michael Hedges, John Fahey, Jandek, Nick Drake, my friends in Fugazi and Bill Frisell.
I have taken all those influences and squished them together. I have made my music my own.
I can now say without shame that I paint pictures with sound. I tell stories with sound.
Listen while you’re in hyperspace. Listen when you’re not. There’s no accounting for taste, but my work speaks for itself. I am finally able to say that.
Thank you to everyone who helped me get here. I am finally free of my self imposed slavery of self doubt and self recrimination.
I love you all. thank you. Today I celebrate my rebirth. Today I celebrate my brilliance and my beauty. Today I come out of the closet for good or ill. I'm 55 years old in June. Like I said earlier. Time to stop fucking around.
You should check out my YouTube channel mute cartography. Also check out my band Egret Zero with the amazing Kel Smith of Suss Musik. I share this with you all in the spirit of love. It is all music for healing. Thank you for letting me celebrate myself. I've been holding it in for too long.

(I am in the process of making all of my bandcamp music free. If there is anything you like and want let me know and I will get to it right away so you can get it for free. The program keeps switching free stuff back to paid. I wonder if it is by accident.)
Sounds like this was very powerful for you; I am happy for you, mate! :d

I hope that the power of this experience changes the way you live and you find the best way possible to incorporate the knowledge you gained into your everyday life. May you overcome all of the previous challenges that you have faced and realise that they have made you a stronger person now that you have seen a bigger picture.

I will try and listen to your work as soon as it is possible for me to do so (my life circumstances put me in a position where I don't have any working speakers or way to playback music...as crazy as that sounds in this day and age!! :?: ) and comment back.

It sounds like upping the MAO made a big difference. Do you think that the higher dose of harmaline improved your mood prior to taking the DMT and reduced some of the jitters? Did you need to vaporise any extra DMT during the session?

I have only used harmine and not harmaline, since I extract from fresh vine and syrian rue doesn't grow here, and I find that 75mg X2 is still a bit low (for me)...harmaline may be different however...I don't know. I think that you probably have plenty more "wiggle" room to maybe go to 100-150mg in the future in 25mg increments. In my experience there is a threshold (which for me is between 125mg and 150mg) where there is a massive potentiation of the DMT so that even 50-60mg is way plenty; in fact, even 30mg becomes a medium-strong experience. At about 200mg X2 of harmine, the experience becomes very weighed towards the harmala effects and almost doesn't need any DMT at all...the duration also starts getting longer...6-10 hours with a 2 or 3 hour peak.

I would be curious to know if you find that the beneficial "resetting" effect of the DMT last longer with the increased MAO dose or if there are any other effects in your mood. Please let us know.

Keep well and may you find your way.
Just wanted to report back after a week had passed. I am definitely seeing far more long lasting benefit to my mood. I believe this is in fact because I took a larger doses of harmaline. Next time I will try and even higher dose. Thank you so much for your recommendation. I need to stay on top of this because otherwise my mental health will suffer. This seems to be an easier and for me, more reliable methods than using psilocybin mushrooms. There seems to be zero mindfuck, which is great. It has been so difficult for me to get myself to does mushrooms that I continue to fall back into depression before I can talk myself into it.
Last week was amazing and reading my last post I see that I was still in the thrall of the experience when I wrote it.
It was such a powerful experience and all of the symbols that I encountered and embraced, quickly turned into readily integratable and understandable information. My music has even improved and I am working on a new album with my partner. We are progressing so quickly we are having to take enforced breaks in our creativity.

I am going to try again next week with a higher dose of harmala alkaloids. I am doing a small dose of harmaline and vaping dmt today. The one thing that I've noticed is a return of my hardcore RSD rejection sensitivity dysphoria. A common feature in autism, especially in autistics who have been abused by family and society. I was trained to feel bad about myself. I am finally getting over it but it's going to take more work.

Part of that work is being around other people on the spectrum. I am involved in a fellowship of autistic people who have had substance-abuse issues and alcoholism in their lifetime. It is an AA group that is allegedly autism friendly. The group fractured after half of us refused to follow the cult doctrine and allow a predator to run rampant through the group. If there is one thing more dangerous than AA, it is AA with neurodivergent people. We tend to be naïve and easily manipulated. We are pattern recognition machines but a lifetime of being told that we are weird and wrong makes us second-guess everything we do. Therefore when a pedator starts messing with us it takes us longer to sort things out and take action. We have started our own secular group that while AA based, is diverging and reforming. I need the fellowship of other autistic people and I suppose it helps that they were addicts and alcoholics. I do not need a cult. We are moving away from that. I am also part of the sober faction of the Satanic Temple. Beautiful people. Secular humanist trying to help each other.

Fellowship of other understanding people, therapy and the intentional use of psychedelics seem like a very good combination. Now it's just a matter of keeping up with it. I have been able to do that at periods in my life but it was before I had embraced my autism. When I was diagnosed they called me the R word. To my face. Being told that at the same time you're being told that your IQ is off the charts is very very confusing for a child. Having it further Weaponized and used against you for the rest of your young life really fucks you up. I'm getting there though.

Thanks for your help. I appreciate it. I also want to emphasize that the rectal administration is a major positive aspect of this. Very very little nausea and a slow come up that is way faster than oral. My sensory sensitivity is so bad that nausea was another thing keeping me from dosing and allowing me to slip back into my depression. This is a game changer for me. Other people should get over their silly biases and fears and try it.
Hey Mister_Niles:

It is good to hear from you and read about the benefits that you have experienced by tweaking the ratio and dosage of MAO and DMT. I am glad that you have found a dosage regimen and route of administration that works well for you. I completely agree with you regarding the ROA...it is definitely underutilized and I think if more people were willing to try it, at least once, as an experiment, it would be much more popular. I do understand however, the mental blockage that many people have against it and the necessity to make a psychological leap to overcome it...to each their own, right?

Thank you for sharing your experience...it is nice to read about somebody else's experience aligning with my own with regards to the effects of the increasing MAO dose, the longer duration of the resetting effects and the improvement of mood.

It sounds like you plan to further increase your MAO ratio...I would like to continue reading about your experiences as you increase your dose so as to see if there is a dose relationship that is reproduced amongst different people related to the MAO/DMT ratio and the rectal ROA (especially since most of the reports on the Nexus are usually for vaporised DMT, changa and oral dosing), so please keep us updated.

I also agree that sometimes mushrooms can produce a greater mental challenge that make it harder to adhere to a strict regimen of regular dosing and you do need to talk yourself into taking them again.

Anyway, I hope that you continue to derive benefit from dosing in this way and you find your perfect sweet spot with further more experimentation.

Safe travels, mate:d !
I've not experimented a lot with different doses, in past times I just came to plug 100mg unseparated (thus estimated 50% harmine 50% harmaline) harmals-HCL, at once together with 40 to 60 mg freebase deems. All dissolved (warmed few sek in microwave for dissolving and then cooled to luke warm) in 2ml 5% standard vinegar as a shot volume. No burn feeling, but sometimes I could not keep it in initially, even when 'empty' at the start which is mandatory I guess.
It's the best roa imaginable imho, the transition is so natural it never induced an inch of scare in the come up. Too bad it's such a hassle, disinfecting the recepients, hands, ...
Hello Jees;

Thanks for chiming in...

I've personally found that the plugging needs to be done in two lots to get a consistent and repeatable experience...the first involves half of the total harmalas you plan to take and the second is made up of the second half of harmalas plus the DMT...in my case I use a total of 300-400mg of harmine plus between 30-60mg DMT. In my experience, trying to do it in one lot makes it less consistent and it is a bit more hit and miss and messes up the time line I have written below. I have had success with the double plugging method or alternatively, taking the first dose of harmalas orally first and then plugging the second dose with the DMT. The oral dose however, is more likely to cause nausea in my case.

The time line for me is as follows:

First dose (plugged or oral)...
Second dose (plugged) after 60 minutes...
Effects start after 5 minutes...
Strong visual effects at 12 minutes...
Full intensity approached at 30-35 minutes and lasting to about 90-120 minutes depending on DMT dose...
Come down lasting 90-120 minutes...
Obvious after glow for a further 120 minutes...
Generally improved mood lasting from 5 days to a few weeks.

Depending on the form of DMT and harmalas that you are taking, whether they are fumarates, hydrochlorides, citrates, etc...you do not necessarily need an acidic medium as a carrier (I guess that you only need an acidic medium if you keep your medicine in its freebase form). In my case, DMT fumarate and harmine citrate or hydrochloride dissolve easily in plain water with a little warming (though they often start to recrystallize as they cool down...but this doesn't seem to interfere with the plugging experience). I have never needed to plug 5% vinegar before and I don't personally know if it causes more irritation to the bowel mucosa or not. Also, the volume I use is 10mls as this is the syringe I have available and that volume isn't a problem to take. Intuitively, I also think that the longer length of a 10 ml syringe and the extra volume allows the medicine to be injected a little higher into the bowel, reducing any feeling of fullness or need to defecate.

Yes, you are right, evacuating your bowels before is a good idea...mostly so that the whole dose is more likely to be bioavailable and not absorbed by any stools present and to reduce the bowel emptying reflex.

With regards to your comment on the hassle involved in plugging, I don't completely agree with you...as long as you are healthy and not immunocompromised, the level of cleanliness required to plug is on the same level as taking it orally...if you would be happy to put it in your mouth, its probably okay to put it up your bum!! :lol:

I think most people generally bathe or perform some form of ablutions as part of their ritual of taking the medicine and generally use clean utensils whether it is to orally dose or vaporise or whatever. I generally use a new syringe, which generally come sterilised but even if I don't, I still wash it and clean it to the level that I would be happy to orally take fluid from it. If you are worried about your water supply you could boil the water but I have used rainwater (as this is what I have) without ill effects...if you use 5% vinegar, this will naturally inhibit the important pathogens. And this part seems obvious but I will mention it anyway: once its been up your bum don't suck on it afterwards, right:d ! In short, I don't believe that any extraordinary steps in disinfection or sterilisation are required in order to plug.

I do agree with you however that the transition is very natural and seamless with very little scare in the come up.

Thanks for your comment...please let us know of any further experiences you have as well. It would be nice to record further experiences for others who may be considering this particular ROA.

Safe Travels!
Thanks for elaborating Emong,

I've certainly thought of oral harmalas in advance of the plug but I never came to try it.
This would likely lessen the plugging effects (to hold it inside) with less alkaloids there.

I took the 2ml vinegar to dissolve the freebase deems, it ended like pH 4 to 5 or something like that, no burn sensation. For all salt forms indeed it does only need water.

Harmalas in 2 stages seems like a very good idea :thumb_up:

Yes I probably did overkill in the desinfecting part with soap and ethanol on hands, recipients, before and after the plugging, but at the same part it's also a tad of ceremonial activity, the mental tuning, the seriousness involved, a framing of the experience. An act of taking-care that eliminates all potential doubts...

It's been a long time practicing it and although I find it the very best ROA for deems experience, the all oral route is also friendly to me that oral has become my automated go-to. So I don't know when it happens next, we'll see.
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