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Rehidrate Changa

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Would you rehidrate changa as you woould do with weed?
I usually leave a lemon peel with weed for 12 hours, does it work for changa as well or it could damage the dmt?
My take:

Limonene comes from citrus peel oil, and is a known solvent of DMT, so maybe, just maybe, the peel might leach a little DMT out of your leaf if it is intimate contact with it.

Hydrating also sounds like an invitation to grow mould on any you decide to store, if you don't dry it again.

But those are the only minor issues I can see. I'm no expert though!
I like it when my changa is bone dry. So personally i wouldn't rehydrate it.But i don't think it hurts if you do.

fractals4life is probably right about the limonene picking up some of the dmt though, so it might be ideal to use the peel of a lemon where you rasped off the yellow (for cooking, baking, ...). I think virtually all of the terpenes, including the limonene, are in the yellow oily outer skin.
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