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Reishi and other ‘magic’ mushrooms

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I found a nice lump of chaga the other day. Some woodsmen kindly left the section of log to which it was attached right near the track I cycle along regularly. Much easier than having to climb up the tree and fetch it 😁
woody said:
Hi there Nexians,

Does anyone here have any experience of using powdered mushroom extracts? There’s a lot of claims out there about how beneficial they are for all sorts of ailments and immune boosting properties. From what I can tell though most claims are derived from studies on mice.

I have been drinking a brew of Lions Mane. Even if all the claims aren’t true it still contains good nutrition.

I have just started taking Reishi due to the claims it can help with allergies. I have tried every over the years and nothing has ever worked so reading about the anti Inflammatory properties this has I’m happy to trial it for a bit to see if it makes a difference.

Has anyone had any positive experiences with this or other mushroom extracts ?

NOt personally, but
Chaga is a crazy powerful antioxidant. Far more powerful than most fruits and vegetables and herbs that have antioxidant properties. I have been grinding mine into powder and adding to a nice black tea blend and making a powerful antioxidant tea. Whenever I feel down or a cold coming on I bulk up on this chaga/black tea and take some Quercetin and Chelated Zinc and the cold never sets in, flushed it right out of my system. Chaga also works as an anti-inflammatory. I take a lot of CBD/CBG daily so I don't really notice the anti-inflammatory properties of the chaga, but I do feel a boost to my system when I drink it as a tea, either alone or with an herbal tea blend.

Paul Stamets is one of the leading experts in medicinal mushrooms. His research and discoveries have benefited us all.
I added Chaga to my regimen about 2.5 weeks ago and feel it to be a worthy inclusion. I put it in warm water along with my reishi, maitake, and cordyceps. In addition to it being anti-inflammatory managing blood sugar and cholesterol levels is of interest to me.
Am a regular chaga user. Besides strong tea also alcoholic extract. There are compounds both water and fatty. It's mildly activating physical... besides all those nutrient/ antioxidant compounds. Though not living in a harsh winter country, internet offers possibility for purchase from remote locations. More frost more potent...

Chaga seems to be a worthy inclusion and it tastes very good. In bulk it's relatively cheap. Getting it ground up can be tricky. Taste is a bit vanilla/ chocolate/ bitter/ woody. Can I suggest a discussion on how to make extract from it!?
I ordered the extract from a company called BulkSupplements along with other stuff I've gotten from them. Most of their prices are pretty good.
doodlekid said:
Can I suggest a discussion on how to make extract from it!?
Feel free. I believe one method is to simmer chaga powder in water, strain, and then make a tincture using the recovered solid. The ethanolic and aqueous extracts may then be combined. I'm not entirely looking forward to powdering my specimen - it's probably easier to crush it when it's still fresh, but mine has been drying out for about a month now.

While travelling in the UK recently I was delighted to encounter a Lions Mane grower so I've finally had the chance to try that one - as well as providing it to my aging parents. It's great, we've all benefitted from it even within a couple of days and it's a fantastic culinary mushroom too. I shall be getting hold of spawn or a culture soon. If that guy can grow it commercially in his garage then I can do the same in my shed.
downwardsfromzero said:
I believe one method is to simmer chaga powder in water, strain, and then make a tincture using the recovered solid.

Another method, but very similar is to beforehand measure out the dry mass, water volume and pure ethanol. Then simmer the powder in the amount of water and compensate for loss through evaporation. When it cools down add the ethanol and then treat it like a tincture for a month or longer.

From this I came up with another even better method. One extra step. First you soak the powder in the ethanol, so no water added yet. Then strain the ethanol as good as possible. The still soaked result is added water to. Next you simmer this for a while. And at last re-add the ethanol strained earlier. Then treat this is a tincture for a month or longer.

The net result of this will be a more or less 50% water/ ethanol mixture with full spectrum.

You might ask, why not put the stuff in vodka straight?! Well the cell structure of the mushroom is resistant to most agents except heat. Therefore it has to be heated for the cells to break down and release their contents...
"Herb of spiritual potency" season is on here.

Boiled together with mistletoe last night, and drank before going to bed. I somehow see them as the plant/fungus versions of each other, and they do have similar relaxing and nervine effects. Felt a spiritual opening for sure, and this morning I feel fantastic...


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