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Reishi look-alike

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I found a mushroom that looks a lot like reishi. It is definately a ganoderma, but it cannot be one of the "official" reishi mushrooms, because it does not have a glossy surface.


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Ganoderma adspersum (= Ganoderma australe) or Ganoderma applanatum seem likely bets in your corner of the world. A close up picture of the spore bearing surface would be instructive, as would a cross section.

What species of tree was it found on?
Does it have a waxy crust on the top? (Try heating it to see if it melts.)
Have you tried making marks on the spore surface underneath?

It won't be toxic and it might have some of the medicinal properties of reishi.
dithyramb said:
It might also be a Fomitopsis sp., perhaps F. pinicola. Also highly medicinal.
Yes, i think it is fomitopsis pinicola. Ganoderma applanatum is very common here, and is usually more brownish.

I found these ones on a dead treetrunk. The tree had been cut, but i'm 99% sure it was a pine.

Thanks for the tips.
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