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Residue in evaporation bowl

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Greetings fellow travelers.

I just made a new batch of Changa and a question came up of which I am sure some will know the answer to.

First I'd like to add my recipe:

1000mg white DMT freebase
300mg freebase harmalas (75mg harmaline, 75mg harmine, 150mg THH)
1000mg mugwort as carrier herb

I dissolved the DMT and Harmala freebase in warm IPA, added the mugwort and put the evaporation bowl aside. That was about 24 hours ago and by now the infused herb is still a bit sticky, but mostly dry to the touch.
Now I wondered about the residue that is clearly visible, sticking to the bowl (see the pic attached). I am sure there's still plenty of active material in it, that hasn't been absorbed by the mugwort.

How do you make sure it'll end up in the herb and not go to waste? Maybe using a little bit of IPA to dissolve it and add it to the mugwort?


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Something similar happened when I was infusing some marijuana with DMT, I had used too much IPA and it seemed to leech some color out of the marijuana, as there was green residue around the herb after drying.

Your best bet is to decrease the amount of IPA you used I'm guessing this happened as the mugwort couldn't absorb all of the IPA leaving some on the bottom that dried to the dish.

You could also increase the carrier herb amount but that would decrease the overall potency gram for gram.

you should be able to use IPA to dissolve the DMT that was dried in the dish, the brownish hue is what I'm assuming is the slight color that the IPA may have taken out of the mugwort.
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