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Hi travellers,

I was a member on here about five or so years ago (sorry, I can't recall my previous user name), and took a three year hiatus from the sacrament, but happy to report back again. Previously worked with MHRB but have successfully made the switch and process refinements to Acacia.

Noting the wise words about breakthroughs "you'll know it when it happens", I'm proud to say that tonight I finally joined the club 😁 My previous 60+ or so experiences have all been wonderful (with one exception - I broke the scared rule of mindset and was severely punished for it, but in a way I needed) but sub-breakthrough. Not by much, mind you, but not ever quite there - experienced ego loss, OBEs, some entities etc, but it was always lacking depth. I tried everything.. vaped FB, vaped changa, vaped enhanced leaf, vaped harmalas and FB separately, combusted changa, classic VG, normal pipe, meditated, different music etc all with very clean spice. Lately I've been using a Volcano Digit, which has taken some experimentation, but I finally got everything figured out. However, there was always one thing I overlooked.. turns out I simply have a naturally high tolerance. It took an efficiently vaped 82mg of FB tonight in four long breaths, but I finally got there!

The come-up was slow, no hyper speed or tunnels, just a slow gather - I could feel it gathering before the CEVs caught up (I attribute this to the four long hits). Then the lotus pattern appeared and slowly morphed itself, after which everything fell away and I was surrounded in a beautiful white void that tapered to yellow below me. The colour was extraordinarily vivid and the scene was expansive - like orbiting close to a massive star with blue/black colours replaced by white/yellow. In front was a pathway into eternity that carried morphing shapes and patterns toward me - a lot like guitar hero. A feminine dancer was on the path ahead and I had the sense that her dancing produced the multi-coloured patterns racing toward me. Impossibly beautiful and serene. Ego was gone (letting go has never been an issue for me), no sense of body and time felt so different in there - I had 'Dorset Perception' by Shpongle playing on some noise-cancelling earphones and I remember that the song seemed to last forever and simply stop for a while at various points. That's about all I remember. The afterglow was much less than my previous sub-breakthroughs, but when I returned I was overwhelmed by positive emotions. Tears streamed down my cheeks (I'm not a crying kinda guy), my heart started racing from the sheer volume of information to process, and I had fits of laughter on my bed. It may have been the relief of finally breaking through after so long. Anyway, it prompted me to rejoin this wonderful space.

Side note - during my many sub-breakthroughs I learned to become more active than passive. I could choose what to look at, swipe away things that didn't interest me, and pull in things that I noticed in my periphery. I could also mentally 'pulse' the visions and make them change. Sometimes I'd experiment and dream up what I wanted to see and voila, it would appear in the CEVs, but not always. I can't recall reading trip reports that describe this - do others experience this too?

Peace to all,
It sounds like you've had quite the journey so far. It is always nice to finally get there after trying all sorts of different ways. I remember it took me a while to finally have a real breakthrough, which was mostly caused by my inadequate vaporizing technique. Hell, my technique with freebase DMT is still iffy to this day, so I tend to stick with changa. Anyway, thanks for sharing your report! Here's to many more positive and uplifting endeavors!

Welcome (back) to the Nexus!

P.S. If you feel so inclined, would you mind sharing your vaporizer setup (temps, special settings, modifications, if any)? Electronic vaporizers have really taken off the past couple of years for DMT and I'm sure many of us would be interested in hearing more about the Volcano Digit.
Thanks TGO :) Happy to share my findings - always want to contribute in whatever little way I can.

Tried various temps from 180-230degC and found that the spice burns somewhere between 220-230degC. The issues with the Volcano are (1) slow but steady vaporisation; which results in (2) large volume of vapor that necessitates multiple hits which lengthen and slow down inhalation a little too much (although I suspect many people might appreciate the more gentle come-up).

The sweet point seems to be 222degC - vaporises fairly well, not harsh, easy to hold. But the volume is too much for standard balloons (2 lungfuls for me) and not enough to fill the XL balloons (about 5 lungfuls) so I took an XL balloon and reduced it by tying a rubber band around the top part. The end result is a nice bag of vapour (too dense to see through) that take about 3 and half lungfuls to clear. Then I just take my time getting set and setting right before I hit the bag of vapor.

I also noticed that placing spice on top of the liquid pad often resulted in spice blowing around and sticking to various parts of the rig (lots of wastage). So now I pre-heat the liquid pad by running hot air without spice then melting the FB onto the warm pad.

And lastly, to soothe the throat and add some flavour I add some sun/air dried mint straight onto the first screen then stick another screen on top of that to hold it in place. The liquid pad then goes on top of the second screen (preheated, then melt spice on top, then 222degC to fill the balloon).

I received by GVG yesterday, so keen to compare the drawn-out Volcano approach versus the more dense GVG hit. Kinda nice to have a few options :) Also a changa fan, but next I'll try my hand at vaporising FB harmalas prior to vaping FB spice (not a fan of smoking).

Peace out, Padawan.
Thanks for sharing the additional information! This is something I'll likely be considering in the future. Oh, and definitely get back to us once you try out the GVG, I'm curious to hear the results/comparison!

Have a good one!
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