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Reusing soup


Rising Star
Idk if this is the proper place to post this. I've searched for info but can't find anything definitive.

My question is, can I add more mhrb (and more lye if the ph drops) to my existing soup and doo more pulls? It seems like a waste to discard the jar contents (I can still pull a little out).

If so, how long can I keep a perpetual soup before there's just too much garbage in it?
It's a good idea to clean your jars out regularly since the glass gets weakened by the lye. A fresh start with each batch of bark is also desirable in terms of monitoring yield.

These things are worth making a small sacrifice of spent bark and lye for.
PS - best way to make the most of a jar is through efficient use (and reuse) of the naphtha. Technical exhaustion of the bark soup should occur within about six pulls. Post-precipitation, the drained off naphtha can go back to the jar(s) for these later pulls. Warming the soup (gently, no naked flames!) will help maximise solubility for the remaining DMT.
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