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Hello all.
I am known as Rickablachio, it is a name i use for my artwork.
I am a painter and Im 26 years old, I currently live in Bristol and I'm studying for my Masters in Fine Art

my experience with psychedelics is a few heroic liberty cap trips, maybe 200+ trips of 100-250ug lsd, and a few trips 500ug+.

I have smoked pure dmt 3 times , broke through once, and recently with changa I have smoked just a few bowls and seen and had a very powerful experience with an entity.

It has completely changed my outlook on life, I tended to not have a religion but took bits from whatever seemed right and positive to me. Since meeting this entity I feel my worldview is being enlarged to include many new frameworks and ideas that before to me would seem fantasy, though wonderful fantasy at that. I suppose I have always been a Fox Mulder and wanted to believe but never accepted anything that I hadnt directly experienced myself.

Anyways Im glad to be a part of this forum and look forward to sharing my experiences and sharing others.

If anyone wants to view my art I will post a link below.
(if this is against the rules please mods edit and delete)

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Welcome friend

Love the artwork? I'm gonna have to say though that I don't visit Facebook for any reason, but you could post more of your artwork here if you'd like.

Enjoy the community, and glad to have you join!

thanks bud,
I didnt realise I could attach images to easy to the post, I will be posting more in future, working on about 7 at the moment and 3 will be finished within a month. I definitely think experiences I have had inspire some of my imagery
RickablachioRick said:
I definitely think experiences I have had inspire some of my imagery
I think you would probably be correct :d

I do look forward to seeing the coming pieces! We love artwork around here :love:
Yeah man, we love good art here at the Nexus so please, feel free to share your work. Who knows, if it's good enough, it might even be put up as a banner on the site!

I personally think visionary art is the best art there is, so keep that psychedelic art coming Rick!

Oh, and by the way, welcome to the Nexus brotha!:thumb_up:
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