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River of Time, Ebb and Flow

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So... essentially, my Ayahuasca journey was utterly Sublime.

Concisely? River of Time, Ebb and Flow... look away from the reflection on the River and at the Source. Yin, Yang, Dao, Now, Then, Future, Past, Present, Coincidence, Synchronicity, Life, Death, Time, Rise, Fall, Ebb, Flow, Questions, Answers, Crow, Tiger, Birds, Time is a Bird...? River of Time, Ebb and Flow... Life, Ideas... Ebb and Flow... Simple. Complex... Fractal. Question? Answer? Life... Ebb and Flow, River of Time.

Symbols of the Ineffable Mystery. Not that I fully understand it, from the perspective of my ego. Integration... yeah, this will take a while.

Answers? Questions? Does the Answer have to be known? Or is the Answer the Question...? I Know and don't Know... couldn't bring everything back and that's Fine. :)

Ayahuasca... Sublime, Powerful, Beautiful... Questions, Answers? River of Time, Ebb and Flow. Simple. And so on...

The afterglow is pretty strong, and I still haven't finished all of my Medicine.

All in all? A journey that has marked me very deeply...
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