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Rue extractions PH's in salt stage then ammonia?

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First Hello to all, New here but I have vast ethno extraction history, especially mescaline extraction. Well a nasty divorce later I only touch legal things. I really like klip dagga and rue seems to intensify it...So my goal is the cleanest harmaline crystals I can get but I am running into problems....Let me go thru the process..

This is a 4 0z seed run..

1. grind in a burr grinder, soak in water and a shot of vinegar. Ph 3-5 range..

2 tshirt strain then run rock salt into equal amount of water thru coffee maker.

3 mix the salt water to strained tea..

4 fridge and siphon off excess tea leaving the crystals at the bottom..


or due I take the crystal junk add water and vinegar to it?

It seems if I add water then large amounts of ammonia I get something fall out but only the top glows under the blacklight and what sinks is darker and redder.

This is the oppisite to what the tek says will happen.... When the ammonia is added the color turns to a coffee creamer color and there are not lighter or darker areas?
Also when adding salt to get harmaline hcl,,it will automatically go back to a freebase by just adding the ammonia? So by raising the ph it converts from the salt to the freebase form? I want to clean this up to the cleanest crystal possible..
Since you are using vinegar i.e. acetic acid you will be getting Harmine Acetate. Only by using hydrocloric acid will you end up with Harmine HCL.

Anyways, Harmine Acetate will fall out the acidic solution when you add the salt. Add a decent amount of salt to the water. Make sure it is all dissolved!. Place it in the fridge for a day or two and there should be a brown crud at the bottom of your jar. Filter and dry. What you have now is Harmala Acetate (it is a mix of harmine and harmaline with trace amounts of tetrahydroharmine)

If you want it in freebase form,

Take your filtered and dried Harmaloid Acetate, dissolve it in a few 100 mL of hot water (no acid needed unless your tap water is very basic and the harmine salt does not dissolve) add a shot of ammonia, the actual pH is not that important, harmine is one stable molecule. The solution should change color dramatically when adding the ammonia, to like a mustard yellow color.

Swirl around for a few. Let sit for 10 minutes or so. Filter and dry, voila, Harmaloid Freebase.

The directions in the sticky about Harmine Freebase is pretty straightforward and there is a good disscussion after the tek...re-read (or read if you haven't already) the thread and you should have a better understanding of what is going on.
Thank you very much acolon...So I should use muratic acid in stead of vinegar to lower the ph? I didnt know this will create a different molecule,,,hmm...

I also am trying to do whiterastas way which in the begining seems dirtier but makes more sense to pull the dye crap out with alcohol then clean this up with water as none of that is soluable in it leaving real clean crystals.
Vinegar is fine, but you will end up with Harmala Acetate instead of HCL. It really doesn't make a difference in final product very much and if you are freebasing it, it makes no difference at all, you will end up with freebase.

If you want really clean crystals: A new level of harmala purity with this extraction - Harmalas - Welcome to the DMT-Nexus

This is the tek you should probably use...the dirty harmala gritt works fine for me though.
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