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rue test..

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I did a crude test with some rue seed...

I put 2 or 3 grams of seed in a shallow glass dish with enough distilled water to cover the seed ..

I boiled the water and seed in a microwave 4 or 5 times and added more water as i went ..

Once .. i mistakenly boiled the seed and water till the water was nearly gone

I simply added more water ..and this time i added some white vingar..then boiled it a few more times till i felt i got all the actives out of the seed..

i think i made extract as potent as possible by multi boiling the mix..

I noticed when checking the water earlier..it apeared tourqoise in color...

But after adding the white vinegar...it apeared a really nice sky blue color...

Noticing the nice blue color i started thinking about THH...but im not much of a chemist ..

......I was looking for the color of THH...

boiling it in a microwave is a little different than on stove top..

notice how the color in last 4 pictures is a sky blue color ...after adding the white vinegar...

will be sending photos of the experament....soon....


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Not sure what you actually were going for but it sounds like a tea.

What always works is just boiling it for half an hour or so, with slightly acidified water.

It does not need to be reduced if a reasonable amount of water is present (not too much not too little) and distilled water is optional.

I doubt the minimal amount of THH is responsible for the color.

Syrian rue contains lots (a whole lot) of alkaloids that might or might not have a psychoactive effect. That could also alter the appearance depending on how concentrated it is.

The whole effort was a bit extensive, since the alkaloids are easily extracted even from whole seeds, again, grinding is optional.

My advice is either keep it simple, or do a an extract/isolation.

For the sake of convenience, cost, and time, a regular tea will do the job just fine. It won't also make you sick if you don't overdose.

If they are potent, a single gram can kinda be felt (experience), 2-3 grams will get uncomfortable for some individuals but effective for DMT activation, 5 grams is heavy, anything over that feels as if you got poisoned.

Hope that helps
I have another reason for this test...
After extracting as much as i can from the seed .im going to try an idea i have,,,
After making the tea as ..[STRONG AS POSSIBLE]..im going to dip a ..q tip.. into it and swab under my toung a little and see if it will effect the .. product... trip that way instead of sloping a lot of it all through my mouth..

less rue to taste that way...

If this works..i think its a neater more controled way to use it sublingually..

IF ive brewed enough seeds making it ..strong enough.. the sublingual Q tip method might work...

That way you can keep the very strong tea in the refrgerator and simply dip a Q Tip in it a couple times and swab under your toung or cheeks. [or hold the soaked Q tip in one spot as long as needed] or untell you start feelin its effects...like a tooth pick.. before vaping..

you could even flaver the strong tea...for sublingual use..
That way you dont have to paint your ...teeth and the entire inside of your mouth that invisable to the eye blue!..
With the soaked Q Tip... you can keep it in one spot or general area.
Rue alcaloids go through oral tissue very quickly for sublingual use ....
Yep! just tryed The cue tip sublingual swab method and it worked well with the product!....on this first test...

By the way it smoothed out the product trip ...[if the product is the bread] ...
[the rue is the butter]...it smooths out everything and allows at least for nice Closed eye visuals even at a low dose...

It was bitter..After swabing under my toung ...i kept it there for 15 to 20 minutes like a tooth pick.. and after 20 minutes i removed the .. Q tip .. from under my toung got a drink of water ..
I could feel the effects because sublingual takes ..MUCH MUCH LESS to work! ..[than oral]...and works within minutes sublingually!

I admit .. i could have brewed more seed and made a stronger tea..then simply reduce the water volume down to a ..light syrup...then dip the Q Tip and let it dry for sublingual use later...

Thats probibly what im going to try later....

So really...Oral rue tea tastes nasty... like satans arm pits!

Sublingual rue works faster on less rue... /and enters the blood stream fast.. but leaves the system much faster.. than drinking an oral tea...

But... if one wants an extended .. oral trip ..[the long ride]....oral tea works longer...but you can get a little nauseous ...

sublingual rue.. [or oral rue tea using] .. [using not over] 2 or 3 grams of seed]...with vaped product...doesnt last as long...but usually doesnt cause nausea... and still can be a memorable experiance..

vaped product.../ with sublingual rue].[Vaporhuasca]..... exits the body much faster than ..
...the oral trip...vaped/sublingual...[Vaporhuasca]... is often a good 45 minute or longer trip....oral... can last 3 to 5 hours..

Its a personal choice ...
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