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S.H.E. Retrospective


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Hey all,

I think it would be valuable to have a group retrospective after the SHE events. It seems like we do the events, but then we never analyze them to pull possible invaluable nuggets from them, or ways of improving them, etc. What do you guys think?

Perhaps we could even use the Nexus Chat to have this discussion at scheduled time (or times), and a couple people could be assigned to collect notes.

Thoughts? If people are interested I could plan the first one.

I always love to chat about hyperspace. There were a few similarities to the s.h.e. in the reports that I found to be very interesting. I love the way timeloop wrote about the experience...it's very resonant with me but sometimes it's a little tricky trying to find words for these things.
Go ahead and set a time. how about this weekend?
I give my thumbs up for the idea, I think this will enhace and enrich the S.H.E experience and knowledge for everyone.
Go ahead.😉
Well, for US folks I would say mid Sunday morning. Around the time when people are having their morning cup of java. Time is going to be tough on a world wide basis, hence why I suggested a couple different time windows that would or could fit most people's schedules.
tryptographer said:
Ha, me too :)

So... any interesting things discussed in the chat? I couldn't make it, was too busy getting hit by a boomerang.
It never manifested. I suggested Sunday morning some time, but didn't get any responses regarding if that time worked for people.

I'm still interested if others are.
Meet in the chat room in 45 min. :) If he has time The Traveler will set up our own chat room, if not we'll just meet in the main room. I have nothing specific planned, so this will just be open forum. Bring your ideas, suggestions, and observations! See you all there! 8)
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