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Safety question: Can I smoke DMT or do LSD or 1p

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Hi everyone.

there was a retreat weekend some days ago (27.10 until 29.10)

During this weekend Kambo, Bufo Alvarius (5-meo) and some Ayahuasca Analoga was used. (Syrian rue + Mimosa hostilis).

My question is now, will it be fine / safe to smoke dmt or to take lsd or 1p-lsd the next weekend? (11.11)

I wasn´t able to find any ressources if there is any risk or if the timeframe is to short between these substances. - just want to be on the safe side.

my current mind-state: i´m feeling great.
It will probably be fine. If you want certified medical advice, always ask your doctor.

If you are currently feeling great, then try to keep doing so. Don't depend on psychedelics to provide you with a continual peak experience.
I mixed dmt with 1p directly and it was somewhat overwhelming.

If you feel okay after the weekend you could go for it but dont force yourself.
Ofc some tolerance will prolly happen but not too much.
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