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Salivary Gland Stone

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Just had one pop out today. That was a total pain in the ass for a few months. It migrated all the way from my salivary gland to the duct. It looked like a little kidney stone when the doctor popped it out. I then pressed on my salivary gland a bit later and it shot old nasty stagnant saliva into my mouth. If you are having pain in or near your jaw just before you eat, or when you taste or smell something that stimulate saliva, ask your doctor about it. This condition has bothered me for months. It didn't get fixed until the stone got all the way to the duct and could be squeezed out. I'm glad that I did not some kind of nasty infection, and I wouldn't want to see anything like this happen to you. I didn't know this condition existed, and now I know, and so do you. Stay in good health nexus:d
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